Santiago residents help police nab man apparently trying to enter parked cars

Facebook page set up by residents lead to arrest of suspect

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Residents on Facebook helped police catch a man who was caught on camera trying to get into parked cars. Photos: Facebook

Merida, Yucatan — Neighbors in the Santiago neighborhood helped police nab a suspect who was a caught on camera checking cars for unlocked doors.

The Facebook page “Ladrones y delitos de barrio de Santiago en Merida, Yucatan” (“Thieves and crimes of Santiago neighborhood in Merida, Yucatan”) posted a surveillance video, as well as screen grabs from the same source, showing an older male casually trying the door handles on a series of parked cars.

In response, municipal police conducted a security operation to capture the man, whose face was clearly identifiable on the video.

Around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday, police nabbed “José Emilio BM” (last names of suspects are seldom shared) on Calle 70 between 59 and 61, who they say was trying to get access to the back seat of a Nissan Aprio.

The suspect attempted to flee, but police caught up to him and brought him to headquarters. It was not known if the suspect was held.

The Municipal Police of Mérida issued a press release to thank citizens for their vigilance.

The Facebook page started a year ago to share tips and photos of sneak-thieves and property vandals throughout the neighborhood. Over 1,500 people follow it and keep it updated.

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