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Sargassum tides hit Progreso just as cruise ship tourists approach

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Progreso’s main beach was attacked by sargassum just as a cruise ship rolled in. Photo: Diario

Progreso, Yucatan — City crews brought heavy machinery to address tons of sargassum that invaded the beach over the weekend.

About 50 workers attempted to prevent the algae from spreading to the entire coastal strip, according to Diario de Yucatan.

On Saturday, the Malecon beach woke up with little sargassum. But by Sunday or Monday, the sea belched the foul seaweed onto the shores.

Its timing was terrible. Tuesday was a cruise-ship day and also of the inauguration of the outdoor beach gym in front of La Paz park.

The workers no longer dug ditches to bury the sargassum as they did last week. To address the tide of about two meters high and up to half a meter high, sand was placed to contain the algae. A Diario reporter noted that the job was arduous and tedious.

They began from the east, by the flagpole monumental, and continued to the outdoor gymnasium, which was just competed Saturday.

Despite the fact that half a hundred municipal employees worked since early Tuesday, they could not prevent tourists from the Carnival Valor cruise ship passing through mounds of sargassum that waiters and restaurant staff tried to clear away from their dining areas.

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