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Say goodbye to the ice rink at Liverpool mall

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The ice rink outside the Liverpool department store is being replaced with a play space for children and shopping kiosks. Photo: Imagine Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán — The ice rink at Liverpool’s Galerías mall will be going away in a few months, according to ForoMérida.

Officials from the architecture firm Marqa, which is remodeling and expanding the mall, told ForoMérida, that the ice rink that anchors the shopping center will be replaced with a children’s playground with kiosks, fountains, restaurants and small shops. ForoMérida is a message board that tracks new construction projects around the city.

The Liverpool mall’s ice rink will be replaced with a more conventional design. Photo: Marqa architects

H&M and an Ibis Hotel will be added to the mall as well, FM said. People close to the project referred to the rink area as a “large dead area” that did not generate enough cash flow to justify itself. The 10-year-old rink also incurred high maintenance costs, according to the report.

A message board administrator bemoaned the loss of one of Mérida’s more playful attractions. The new design “will surely bring more economic prosperity to its owners — not so to the Yucatecans seeking healthy entertainment in an increasingly hot city,” he said, in Spanish.

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