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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Separated from family, deported man settles in Cancun

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Mario Hernandez-Delacruz, shown here with his family, has settled in Cancun after being forced from his home in Detroit. Photo: Free Press

A 44-year-old undocumented immigrant living in Detroit made headlines while the U.S. government sent him back to Mexico after 19 years.

Mario Hernandez-Delacruz will live with his sister in the Cancun area, according to the Detroit Free Press, which has been following the man’s plight. 

Friends and advocates, as well as the Free Press, have rallied around the man because he is being separated from his wife and three daughters. 

“I’m feeling bad right now,” he said. “I feel bad … to leave my family and children. It’s not easy.”

The man was born in Chiapas, and crossed into Texas with his wife and 4-year-old daughter without permission in 1998.

In the U.S., Hernandez-Delacruz started his own carpet business, paid income tax every year, contributed to a Pentecostal church he attends and supported a family, says the Free Press.

Since Donald Trump became president, immigration officials have taken a harder line on the undocumented, with law-abiding people swept up under tougher enforcement measures.

But Hernandez-Delacruz has not given up hope. He and his attorneys have mentioned getting a U visa, which is for victims of crime who assist police investigations.

He could qualify because, a few years ago, their home was robbed and he helped police investigate the incident.

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