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Setback for La Plancha: Railway talks break down

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A volunteer crew cleaned up litter at La Plancha on Sunday. Photo: Facebook
A volunteer crew cleans up litter last December at La Plancha. File photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — Talks with the concession-holding railroad company at La Plancha have fallen though, weeks after the state had announced news to the contrary.

The state needs to satisfy the Chiapas Mayab railway to free up a 20-acre switchyard in the center of the city.

The news also comes just as an advocacy group yesterday turned in a petition of 2,403 signatures urging community involvement in how an imagined green space, modeled on New York City’s Central Park, is developed.

Neighbors are anxious because the land is the last significant piece of open space in the historic section of the city.

State officials will keep hammering away, after 12 years of negotiating with the railway, said Eric Rubio Barthell, the governor’s chief of staff. Details are murky, but Rubio referred to litigation and lack of resources as obstacles to an agreement.


The La Plancha parcel represent's Mérida's last chance to build a green space in the center of the city. Photo: Sipse
The La Plancha parcel represent’s Mérida’s last chance to build a green space in the center of the city. Photo: Sipse

On May 18, the same official said late last month the final draft would have to convert the area switchyards of Railways and “The Iron” in a large park, similar to Central Park in New York.

East of the Centro, the site is north of the old train station between Calles 55 and 43, and Calles 48 and 46.

Rubio added that the state is still in search of resources to buy land for a new switchyard at the entrance of Uman. Then, officials would build a spur line to Hunucmá, to service the new brewery and other industries in that area.

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