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How to ship a U.S. vehicle to Yucatán

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Whenever you plan a long-distance move, especially an international move, the process of preparing for the big changes coming your way can be time consuming and utterly exhausting. To lessen the stress, there are thousands of reputable transport companies that specialize in all types of shipping procedures. One of the most frequently used transport services includes auto shipping.

Auto shipping is used by all people all over the world. Dealerships and manufacturers happen to be some of the biggest clients. This is due to the convenience and security of the services provided through transport professionals.

Anyone looking to ship a vehicle into Yucatán from the United States will have to look for transporters that specialize in international auto shipping. International transports are much more detailed and require further attention than local or state-to-state transports.

Assuring a Safe Transport into Yucatán by Following Policy

The import policies held by a country can be altered at any time. This is why many transport companies recommend that their clients call the embassy for the desired country for the most current policy in place. The Embassy of Mexico will inform you of their auto import policy for Yucatán. As they do so, take notes to assure that you fulfill all requirements properly. Your transport professionals will also be there to assist you with the fulfillment of the import policy.

To gain import approval, certain documents will need to be shown to Customs. In return, they will authorize the vehicle’s entry into the country as long as all proof required was presented. Some forms of proof are as simple as providing your license, passport or vehicle title and registration.

Other forms of proof could be more difficult to obtain, such as documentation proving the vehicle passed inspection or a permit from the Secretary of Economy, a requirement for all permanent imports in Mexico. It can be time consuming trying to achieve all that is required before the transport, which is why the embassy should be called at least two months before the scheduled shipping process is to be in action.

For more information on the process of shipping your vehicle to Mexico, visit this link.

Preparing the Vehicle for the Transport Company

Gathering all that is needed for Customs isn’t the only preparation necessary for auto transport. Nearly all international auto transport companies will ask that their customers be responsible for getting the vehicle ready before it can be shipped. Preparing the vehicle protects it from harm as well as those involved in its transport. It is important that these demands are met. Luckily, they are rather easy to complete even on one’s own.

  • Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the automobile. Free it of all dirt and debris.
  • Depending on the shipping method chosen only floor mats, a car jack and a spare tire should be in the vehicle. Even the trunk should remain empty. The weight of the vehicle is essential to its safe delivery.
  • Check all of the fluids. Top them off as needed. As for the fuel tank, it should remain a ¼ full or less.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Remove anything from the vehicle that wasn’t manufactured with it.
  • If asked (this isn’t always requested), remove the battery and disable the vehicle’s alarm system.
  • Document any damages already existing with the vehicle. Take photographs of the vehicles interior and exterior to use as reference during your final inspection.

If all of the requirements are fulfilled, the risks involved in international auto transport are lessened. It also encourages the reliability of the insurance coverage provided by the transport company. Even though it is rare that the insurance coverage is ever necessary when professionals are caring for the vehicle, in the event that damage were to occur during the transport, the fact that the vehicle was prepared as requested will help prove the validity of your claim.

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