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Shoppers don’t #stay home on Mother’s Day eve

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Pre-Mother’s Day lines at Costco in Merida didn’t deter numerous shoppers. Photo: Facebook

Merida, Yucatan — On the eve of Mother’s Day, shoppers endured long, lone lines at Costco. Not to check out, but to enter.

The queue today stretched into the parking lot as people allowed some space for “social distancing.”

The line of people was visible from the store’s parking lot and turned around to one side of the building. Around 1 p.m., shoppers kept arriving despite authorities’ recommendations to avoid crowds in shops or restaurants, as well as avoiding celebrations for Mother’s Day.

“But the line moved fast,” said one happy shopper on social media.

During Phase 3 contingencies for the coronavirus pandemic, only 100 customers at a time are allowed inside.

Soriana and Altabrisa supermarkets also had lines to enter, but nothing like Costco’s.

In the Gran Plaza mall, safety and hygiene checkpoints were reinforced. Hands were sanitized, shoes were sprayed and temperatures were taken on anyone wishing to enter.

Only the phone store and bank is open inside, however.

The restaurants are operating, but offering only home delivery.

With information from Diario de Yucatan

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