Showers come after more than 2 months without rain

A weather map predicts rain for Yucatan this evening.

The showers this evening won’t bring an end to the drought, and it’s not likely to break the heatwave, but it will end a 65-day rainless streak in Yucatan.

The showers, which are riding along with scattered thunderstorms, were previously thought to be coming in May.

Thunderstorms are due in Merida after 5 — already having hit some areas to the south — and could last three or more hours, according to They will be heaviest in the city after 7, forecasters said.

Depending on how much rain we get, temperatures could be a little more tolerable afterwards. A small amount of rain only makes sticky weather stickier, but the weather forecast calls for lows tonight in the 20s C / 70s F. Sunday’s high should be 38C / 101F, only a few degrees cooler.

Minimal rainfall is expected next week, due to the arrival of a minor cold front, said meteorlogist Juan Antonio Palma.

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