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Signs declared beach private; feds think otherwise

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Stickers used to shut down illegal construction have been seen at a public beach in Chuburná Puerto. Photos: Facebook via (from left) Alex Camara and Yuca Tan Man

Chuburná Puerto, Yucatán — Stickers boldly marked “Clausurado” in red block letters have covered up homemade signs declaring a stretch of beach to be private property.

The stickers appear to be from the national environmental agencies Semarnat and Profepa. Photos of them were shared on Facebook this morning.

Neighbors were alarmed when razor wire and crude “propriedad privada” signs suddenly surrounded an unspoiled beach thought to be publicly protected in Churburá Puerto.

Diario de Yucatán this morning reached Eric Rubio Barthell, an investor with government ties who confirmed that he has two lots of land in the vicinity, purchased 40 years ago. He denied trying to privatize the beach, disclosing that his properties are all private land that was part of the former Xtul ranch.

“It was my first investment (for 75,000 pesos at that time) that I made and that area had not had enough commercial value, that’s why I had not done anything,” Rubil Barthell told the newspaper.

His property is 500 meters from the beach and is the possible site of a private beach club he has already called La Pachanga.

On social media, the new photos were cheered by readers.

“The novela has a new chapter! Lol,” said one.

“I love Mexico, the locals did not like what they saw and reported it right away,” commented another.

With information from Diario de Yucatán

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