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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sinaloa lawmakers allow same-sex marriage

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The Sinaloa Congress unanimously approved reforms to the Family Code to allow marriage between same-sex couples.

Several lawmakers abstained from the vote. With only 23 of the 40 members of the LXIII local legislature, the measure was read and put to a vote.

Morena-party representative Graciela Dominguez Nava gave an account of the long struggle that the committee members undertook. Organizations opposing and supporting the bill gathered outside the legislative chamber

Banners ranged from “We vote to end corruption and insecurity, not to end marriages and the family,” “Equality, rights to all”; “We defend natural marriage, based on the family and society,” to “From here on, we will have to come to explain and defend the law of gravity.”

More than half of all Mexican states have made the practice legal following support from the Supreme Court.

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