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Sisal Fest promotes eco-tourism

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Flamingo tours are part of Sisal Fest 2015. Photo: Getty
Flamingo tours are part of Sisal Fest 2015. Photo: Getty

A good way to experience the more rural and rustic side of the Gulf Coast is Sisal Fest 2015, an event created to promote the NEEK’ICH tourist center in Hunucmá.

NEEK’ICH was created with the idea of ​​generating sustainable tourism that promotes social, cultural and environmental awareness.

Ganchos VIP 1After a series of training seminars in late 2014 and early 2015, seven new tourism businesses are being run by entrepreneurs in Sisal and the surrounding areas. NEEK’ICH’s efforts to build an eco-centric tourist center have been supported all along by various people in state government, including the Ministry of Tourism Development and the Ministry of Youth.

Organizers say that the contemporary tourism market is becoming more demanding and requires more innovation, more authentic experiences, more beauty, more variety and more social integration. In response, they offer the following full day of activities:

  • Round-trip transportation from Santa Lucia, Mérida
  • Prehispanic ceremony
  • Flamingo tour
  • Massage and relaxation
  • Hanal Pixan “Día de Muertos” art exhibit
  • Prehispanic Dances
  • Pirate presentation and historic tour
  • Crafts Market
  • Meal and beverage – Craft beer or non alcohol beverage

… all for $70 USD per person. Tickets and more details here.


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