Sistine Chapel replica rises in Mérida

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The Sistine Chapel’s replica will be open to the public in Mérida for a month.

Mérida, Yucatán — Starting Tuesday, thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to visit one of the Vatican’s most significant spaces, the Sistine Chapel.

Demand for tickets to see the replica, which will be on display until Dec. 7, has been “impressive,” said Victor Hugo Lozano Poveda, municipal coordinator of community policy. “The Meridanos wait with enthusiasm, regardless of their ideology or religious belief.”

Of course, this replica has to withstand conditions not typical to Vatican City.

A Sistine Chapel replica first seen in Mexico City last summer comes to Merida. Photo: Courtesy

Its outer shell is simulated with heat-resistant polyacetate, while much of the structure is made of aluminum, weighing approximately 60 tons and assembled in blocks. The replica was last assembled in Mexico City.

Now it is in the city’s west side, at the Central de Abastos, near the Jardin Bepensa.

Meridans will also be able to admire the frescoes printed on 3,500 square meters of fabric, with 98 percent similarity to the colors of the original chapel.

Tickets are free, by reservation on the website

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