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Smuggled bees seized at Mérida airport

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Bees packed for transport were rescued at the Mérida airport. Photo: Courtesy

The National Guard at the Mérida international airport seized 189 bee specimens illegally shipped in a parcel.

African bees, queens and workers were found inside a cardboard box without adequate living conditions and with no documentation to prove its legal origin.

The package was sent from Uruapan, Michoacán and headed to Cancun, officials said.

The insects were delivered to the sub-delegation of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection in Yucatán for safekeeping.

Local media reports made no mention of suspects or motives behind the shipment.

The bees are just the latest live-cargo seizure at the airport. Past captures include black swans, a rare black jaguar and a mix of turtles and iguanas.

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