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Some shoppers hoarding beer, just in case Merida announces ‘ley seca’

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No point taking chances! Novedades Yucatan found this image shared on social media.

Merida, Yucatan — The dreaded dry law, or “ley seca,” has some shoppers hoarding beer and other alcoholic beverages, photos on social media indicate.

Although the capital city hasn’t so much as hinted at such a measure, the fact that municipalities such as Progreso, Dzidzantún, Motul and — most recently — Kanasín passed them has some people spooked.

Stocking wasn’t such a bad idea. Many liquor stores have closed, not considered among the “essential” businesses allowed to continue operating. Also, some breweries and distilleries have halted production under the statewide shutdown.

A week ago, a prankster circulated a false “Aviso,” supposedly from Merida City Hall, announcing an immediate ban on alcohol sales. The mayor was forced to announce officially that they had fallen for “fake news.”

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