Special board recommended to handle Centro’s unique issues

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Mérida, Yucatán — An authority should be formed that’s dedicated specifically to challenges in the Centro Histórico, said the Patronato para la Preservación del Centro Histórico.

The Centro’s self-appointed community board isn’t waiting for that to happen. The independent body signed a collaboration agreement with the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida, a college that specializes in civil engineering, to start the process.

The collaboration will draft long-term vision plans for the Centro, tackling issues such as traffic and air quality, said Enrique Ancona Teigell, president of the patronato, speaking at a press conference.

Creating vehicle-free zones is one idea that has been floated for years. Regulating buses more strictly is another. But no one in City Hall is focused exclusively on the heart of the city.

“The city is big and when there is a problem there is no one to turn to,” said Ancona Teigell.

He also stressed, maintaining the mercados and ongoing cultural actions for the benefit of citizens and tourism.

At a press conference, a reporter asked if he contemplated a historic center free of cars or at least buses. The spokesman hinted that he did, but not with the wave of a wand.

“It has to be contemplated in an orderly, organized way,” replied Ancona Teigell. “Start working today so that the bases can be established. ”

The plan has to be a collaboration not just with the appointees, but with the public.

“Sit and plan, see that all the parties involved, analyze it and not let it be a single action, isolated, but part of a whole.”

Mirna Manzanilla Romero, director of the ITM, said that the collaboration will allow students to perform social services and get professional experience while they tackle problems like noise pollution.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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