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‘Spring Break Nightmare’ has doubters

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spring break nightmare
The story of a “Spring Break Nightmare” was reported on the TV news in Minnesota.

A “Spring Break Nightmare” story that’s making the rounds on social media has its detractors at Snopes.com, the website that debunks urban legends.

A Minnesota tourist told the Sun that he was swept up in an altercation, arrested and detained while staying at the Barceló all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen. “I have no desire to leave the U.S. after I hear stories like this,” was a typical comment to follow this narrative:

Suddenly, Mexican police pull up, talk with management, chain Tweed to the truck, and leave with him in the back under armed guard for what would be a 30-minute drive to a Mexican jail.

“The whole ride, I’m thinking I can’t believe this is happening,” Tweed said. “Then my next thoughts were … I’m going to jail in a Mexican prison. I’m never going to get out of here.”

Tweed said he was locked in a dirt, blood and feces-covered cell alone.

The story gets worse and worse, with mercenary and corrupt Mexican police depicted as a shakedown squad.

“Even if you’re in an all-inclusive resort, you’re never safe from anything,” Tweed told the Sun.

Enter Snopes

But Snopes has some problems with the story, which has spread on social media after being picked up by a local CBS affiliate WCCO-TV.

The WCCO report contracts the initial report and the nature of the altercation. Snopes found that a statement given to the CBS affiliate in which Tweet admits he was not just a passive witness to the altercation.

As we crossed the empty dance floor and approached the bar, a young Spring Breaker guy cut in front of Tim just as he got to the bar and said something to the effect of “Out of my way old man!” Tim obviously took offense to this and probably overreacted. He grabbed the back of this kid’s shirt collar and yanked him back hard. Drinks went flying and people were slipping and falling down.

By his own account, Tweed resisted arrest.

The next thing I know, two resort Security guys grabbed me, put one of my arms behind my back and pushes me towards the exit. What the hell is happening here! I was the only one out the whole group that got grabbed – and for nothing! I of course immediately resisted, claiming my innocence: “I never touched her!” “Why, what did I do?” “This is a complete bullshit!” “Let me go!” struggling with them all along.

“While Tweed’s ‘spring break nightmare appeared to be a popular cautionary tale for potential visitors to Mexico, the narrative lacked detail to a curious degree about where the events took place, the nature of the altercation that prompted his arrest, the reason(s) Tweed was initially not allowed back into the resort following his release, or why Tweed chose to return to the purportedly dangerous unnamed vacation spot after his harrowing ordeal without any assurance that he wouldn’t again be hauled off by Mexican police for no reason,” writes Snopes’ Kim LaCapria.

Snopes has reached out to both the resort and to Tweet to clarify the story. According to one comment, the resort is gathering surveillance footage.

“Drinking with teenagers in Mexico. What could possibly go wrong?” wrote another commenter.

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