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Monday, November 29, 2021

Star pitcher Negrin leads Yucatan to 4-2 win over Aguascalientes

Mexican Baseball League sets aside today for LGBT+ inclusion

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The Leones’ Yoanner Negrin struck out 10 hitters over seven innings Thursday. Photo: Leones

Aguascalientes, Aga. — One of the Leones’ star pitchers, Yoanner Negrin (7-4) struck out 10 hitters over seven innings Thursday, leading Yucatan over the Rieleros de Aguascalientes in a 4-2 win.

The Leones won the rubber match, taking the three-game series behind Negrín’s strong outing after giving up two runs in the first inning. “El Asere” was backed by great relief work by Ronald Belisario and Andres Avila, who earned his first save of the year.

The Leones’ response came soon after Aguascalientes started the scoring at the bottom of the first inning when California-born opponents Richy Pedroza and Michael Wing scored on an error.

At the top of the second, solo shots came from Luis Felipe Juárez and Leo Heras. 

An inning later, Alex Liddi hit to right field, scoring a run.

The Leones extended their lead in the sixth inning when Hector Hernandez scored on an error.

Nestor Molina (3-7) took the loss after after 6 1/3 innings, allowing four runs and four hits. He also struck out four and walked two.

The Leones today (Friday) travel to Durango for a series against the Generales. The 7:30 p.m. game sends the undefeated Cesar Valdez (9-0, 2.58 ERA) to the mound, facing Amilcar Gaxiola (2 -1, 3.67 ERA). The game can be followed live in Yucatan on La Comadre 98.5-FM and anywhere on Internetv.

Day of Inclusion

Mexican Baseball League (LMB) today commemorates its first Dia de la Inclusion, in a message of “openness towards all sexual orientations and all manifestations of gender identity … rejecting any discriminatory behavior or discourse.”

For this, all the LMB digital platforms will present their logos modified with the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the hashtag #UnJuegoParaTodos.

“For us, baseball is a factor of union, not of separation, because it is those differences that make us unique and enrich us,” an LMB statement reads. “We know that the world is diverse and we support that this is a game in which no one is excluded. We condemn any manifestation of hatred, racism or discrimination because the only frontiers that divide us are our own prejudices.”

Sources: Associated Press, Leones

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