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State government shut down over 300 construction sites in 2017

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Photo: Profepa

Mérida, Yucatán — Authorities representing the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, or PROFEPA, say they shut down illegal construction sites 300 times in 2017.

The closures were mainly in the Chicxulub Puerto, Playa Uaymitún and Ixil, where builders worked without authorization.

José Lafontaine Hamui, who represents PROFEPA in Yucatán, indicated that last year one of his priorities was to watch over environmentally vulnerable coastal areas, where there is a high demand for housing.

“We have closed works in which the owner starts construction but does not have authorization …  or has authorization, but the construction is not done according to the permit,” he explained.

Often, builders assume their coastal lot projects are located in areas so remote, they will be overlooked by authorities, he also said.

But they often get snagged. Under the law, coastal projects require an environmental impact study. A certified biologist will then decide the limits of the project’s scale based on location, vegetation and wildlife.

The builder bears the cost of the environmental impact statement.

A property owner may require a green light from both the municipality and the federal environmental authority, SEMARNAT.

Source: Sipse, Easy Legal Mexico

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