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State official, who was Merida’s interim mayor, tests positive for coronavirus

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Yucatan Secretary General Maria Fritz Sierra, seen here meeting with public officials in 2018, has tested positive for coronavirus. Photo: Twitter

María Fritz Sierra, secretary general of the Yucatan government, was state’s first public servant to test positive for COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus.

Fritz Sierra was briefly interim mayor of Merida in 2018 when Mauricio Vila Dosal successfully ran for governor.

State authorities reported through a statement to the press that the official has been isolated at her home since the diagnosis was announced. Her symptoms are very slight, but she is under strict medical monitoring, officials said.

The secretary, who is considered the governor’s right hand, is 62 and in an age group vulnerable to the virus. But across Mexico, just 10% of coronavirus deaths are women. Victims range in age from 37 to 85.

While no one knows how she contracted COVID-19, the secretary general came in contact with many people in the course of her duties, although recently officials have increasingly used online technology to communicate.

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