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Friday, July 1, 2022

Still in orange, Yucatan reports 30 more deaths, 215 more cases

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A hand-washing station in Progreso helps citizens keep their hands sanitized during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Courtesy

The SSY on Sunday reported 30 COVID-19 deaths and 215 new cases in the past 24 hours, a tiny slowdown compared to the last few days. Yucatan so far will continue under the “orange light,” the second-highest stage of alert, despite days of adverse data.

Hospitalizations declined by 15 for a total of 589. On July 25, that number first surpassed 500; on Saturday, it exceeded 600 for the first time, further alarming health officials.

Yucatan has counted 1,223 coronavirus-related fatalities out of 10,438 cases and 7,957 recoveries, including 212 more on Sunday, nearly matching the number of new infections in the same 24 hours.

Of the new cases, 75 were in Merida, 44 in Valladolid, 14 in Ticul, 12 in Tizimín, seven in Espita, six in Umán, five in Peto, Tekax and Temozón; four in Kanasín, Progreso and Yaxcabá; three in Celestún; two in Chapab, Dzitás, Motul, Oxkutzcab, Río Lagartos, Teabo and Tzucacab; two from outside the state or country; and one each in Acanceh, Cenotillo, Chankom, Chumayel, Dzan, Hunucmá, Kopomá, San Felipe, Sucilá, Tecoh and Tixpéual.

Current patients include 669 who are stable at home under quarantine.

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