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Still no date to remove bus stops from Historic Center

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A plan to unclog the Centro of buses is progressing gradually. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — A plan to remove bus stops from the Centro Histórico is still moving forward, but it’s moving gradually, said Humberto Hevia Jiménez, head of the state transportation department.

Moving bus stops would be the first phase of a plan by the Integral Urban Transport System (SITUR) to clear traffic.

“The vision is that the city stops being a big parking lot,” Hevia Jiménez told local media.

Buses wouldn’t be banned from the Centro, but their routes will be refined gradually, starting with Metropolitano, Colonias, Plazas, Universidad, Santa Gertrudis Copó and Ciudad Caucel circuits.

Of 1,200 regulated buses, 160 belong to SITUR. Others belong to competing concessionaires, who have unsuccessfully petitioned the state for a fare hike.

Specific timelines to overhaul the entire bus system were not shared with the public.

The state bus system was launched in 2014 to serve 647,000 commuters — 47 percent of the population — who use public transportation daily.

Source: Sipse

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