Stolen produce recovered as driver admits targeting elderly vendor

Produce stolen by an elderly Umán market vendor is recovered in a day. Photo: Courtesy

It took just a day for Umán police to find eight crates of fruits and vegetables stolen from a street vendor in her 70s.

A mototaxi driver, 23, was among three arrested and confessed to the theft. He led police to the produce, which had been hidden in an abandoned building. He allegedly drove off with the crates, filled with the vendor’s own harvest, when she hired the motorcycle taxi to take her to the mercado.

Mayor Freddy Ruz Guzmán said he led a forceful police operation to solve the heartbreaking case. He had already given Doña Candita Carrillo cash equivalent to the value of the produce. Now, she gets the produce back, too.

“As I mentioned earlier I will not allow anyone to commit criminal acts in the municipality let alone take advantage of vulnerable people,” said Ruz Guzmán, who vowed to have the driver’s permit canceled permanently. The case has been turned over to the attorney general’s office.

“It fills me with satisfaction to have helped one more person in a difficult situation, so shortly we will deliver to Doña Candita all her merchandise so that she can sell them and continue working the field to live honestly,” said the mayor.

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