Sunday’s 10 coronavirus deaths include a 95-year-old man

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

The deaths of 10 coronavirus patients, including a 95-year-old man, and 59 new cases were documented by Yucatán health officials in the past 24 hours.

While Sunday saw the fewest fatalities this month, authorities were quick to point out that Friday’s 14 deaths were the most in one day since September.

COVID-19 patients in public hospitals declined by two for a total of 203 while home quarantines dropped by 26 to reach 622.

Last week ended with an average of 84.7 new cases and 10 deaths every day, on par with the week before.

Coronavirus infections have officially reached 33,785 since the pandemic first hit Yucatán just over a year ago. The real number is thought to be many times higher because of insufficient coronavirus testing in Mexico. Deaths have totaled 3,639 since the first fatality in April 2020.

Source: SSY

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