Suspect arrested after drive-by shooting in Col. Juan Pablo II

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One man was arrested and his gun seized after an apparent argument over money resulted in gunfire in Col. Juan Pablo II. Photo: Courtesy

A Durango man was arrested after shots were fired at a home in Col. Juan Pablo II in an apparent dispute over money. No injuries were reported.

Yucatan State Police on Saturday were still looking for other suspects in the drive-by shooting, which occurred around 5 p.m. Saturday on Merida’s west side.

Eyewitnesses said a white car carrying several people was the source of the gunfire. State police cordoned off the area and interviewed all the members of the family inside the targeted home.

Carlos Alberto “N”, 44, originally from Durango and living in the Tixcacal Opichén de Mérida area, was charged. His .32-caliber pistol and cartridges were seized, police said. Details of his capture were not shared with local media.

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