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Norway spearheads new environmental initiative in Yucatán

Norway announced that it will work with partners in Yucatán on several environmental initiatives.  The project will center on several rural municipalities including Tekax, Yaxcabá,...

Wonders of the land: Organic food production in Yucatán

Organic food production is a somewhat newer trend in agricultural ventures, as it promotes a friendlier environmental process, and is overall said to be healthier for consumers. 

26 varieties of native corn are being recovered in Campeche

Researcher Noel Valdivia of the Instituto Tecnológico y Agropecuario de Chiná (Itach) revealed that, additionally, they are researching six native corn varieties of the entity. Some of the species recovered are the Dzib Baakal, Naal Te'en, Xnook na'al, and Xmanhana.
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