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Carbon monoxide leak in Airbnb kills 3 US tourists

Three American tourists in Mexico for Day of the Dead died of carbon monoxide poisoning in an Airbnb apartment. Kandace Florence, Jordan Marshall and Courtez...

Pro tip for Airbnb hosts: Create a 5-star experience for the...

If you are an owner of a vacation rental home, then you know the importance of getting good reviews. Anything less than five stars...

Airbnb makes party-house ban permanent

The curse may have lifted for anyone living next to an Airbnb party house. Airbnb guests, normally quiet and respectful, can sometimes rent a neighborhood...

President Fox’s luxurious hacienda is now on Airbnb, but it sure...

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s hacienda in San Cristóbal Guanajuato has been listed on Airbnb.

Airbnb limits Mexico bookings to medical personnel

The hosting platform Airbnb on Monday has gone from listing "COVID-19 retreats" to reserving listings in Mexico only for medical personnel fighting COVID-19. Non-essential leisure...

Airbnb transactions to be monitored by tax collectors in Mexico

Mexico's government will monitor Airbnb payment accounts, making it harder to conceal income from the tax collector. A new regulation will crack down on tax...

Airbnb renters vandalize and loot Merida home

Merida, Yucatan — A pair renting a home from a local Airbnb host ransacked the property, stole a bike and televisions, and even killed...

Millennials in Mexico are checking out of hotels, preferring Airbnb rentals

Airbnb is preferred over hotels by 56% of millennials in Mexico, according to new market research. Moreover, more Airbnb guests are satisfied with their...

Mexico moves away from an under-the-table economy

Mexican authorities are on the cusp of rolling out an automatic tax payment system that helps the crack down on evasion.

Airbnb guests in Yucatán will notice 3% lodging tax starting June...

Airbnb guests will be directly responsible for paying the 3 percent state Lodging Tax in Yucatán, the booking portal announced to its landlords.

Website targets clothing-optional destinations along Riviera Maya and beyond

There's Airbnb for conventional travelers. And now there's Naturist BnB for those who enjoy their vacations au naturel.

No more lost or copied keys: Digital locks protect your investment...

Digital locks are fantastic devices for rental properties because physical keys tend to get lost, and copies can easily be made. 

Quiet holiday season for consumer protection agency

Profeco has been busy monitoring holiday trade at the airport and markets, but some sectors in particular have been quiet.

Airbnb gives to tourism fund, but cuts into hotel occupancy rates

Taxes on Airbnb revenue are a start, but the state has stalled on regulations that would ensure home rentals are safe, says the head of the hotel association

Airbnb will reward best guests and hosts, and inspect top-tier homes

Airbnb appears to be turning a new focus to luxury.

Airbnb taxes are just the beginning, says hotel group leader

The head of a business group representing hotels urged swift passage of a law taxing Airbnb rentals, and suggested other businesses should also contribute to the state's tourism promotion fund.

Hotels expect to be booked solid at year’s end

Hotels are reporting a strong year, but will have 2,100 more rooms to fill in 2018.

Tax on Airbnb rentals likely to start on Jan. 1

Regulating the growth of online rental platforms while also appeasing irate hoteliers, the state plans to begin a 3 percent tax on homeowners using the technology beginning Jan. 1. 

Hotel leader claims Airbnb grabs 35% of all reservations

A whopping 35 percent of all tourist lodging happening through Airbnb, said the the leader of a hotel trade group.

Hotels mobilize against ‘unfair’ Airbnb competition

The Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatan is increasing its ranks as members band together against Airbnb rentals.

Airbnb rental regulations being drafted by the ‘competition’

The hotel industry has begun talks with legislators to quickly establish proposed regulations targeting Airbnb and other online rentals.
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