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UNESCO moves to protect vaquita habitat in Gulf of California

A 2018 protest at the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C., brings attention to the dwindling vaquita population. Photo: Getty

Carriage horse falls in busy hotel zone intersection

A horse fell to the pavement after apparently being clipped by a passing dump truck. Photo: Faceboook Merida,...

2 new animal hospitals by 2021, Merida mayor promises

In a move toward improved animal welfare, two new public veterinary hospitals were promised by 2021 by Mayor Renan Barrera Concha.

Vaquita’s allies will protest Mexican Embassy in D.C.

A demonstration in Washington is planned to defend the dwindling vaquita population in the Sea of Cortez.

U.S. court upholds ban meant to protect vaquita

Rebuffing a White House appeal, A U.S. federal judge upheld a ban on fish and shrimp caught with gillnets in the uppermost part of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

Street dog gored after tossed into ring with bull in southern...

A video of a street dog gored by a bull in a lasso tournament in Yucatan has caused outrage on social media.

Mexico takes steps to save last 10 vaquita porpoises

The federal government said it will use buoys to mark the protected home of the world's most endangered marine mammal.

Rare black jaguar seized at Merida airport

Federal authorities took possession of an endangered jaguar that was being illegally transported in the international airport.

More than 50,000 dogs and cats roam Yucatán: SSY

It is estimated that of the 28 million dogs in Mexico, only 30 percent have an owner. 

Bulls on view today as matadors prepare for new season

A controversial and bloody tradition returns to the Mérida Bullring when bullfighting season starts Sunday.

Crocodiles increasingly common in Progreso, Sisal and Celestún

Destruction of natural cienegas has pushed crocodiles into view along the Yucatecan coast.

Evolución A.C. animal adoption open house

Evolución A.C. invites the community to see their no-kill shelter and possibly make a new friend to take home, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Sunday, July 29.

Carriages in steep decline as animal activists claim horses are abused

Coachmen complain business has suffered by 70 percent because of animal rights activists who say the practice is cruel to the horses.

Organizations pull together for 7 days of pet sterilization

Medical treatment is offered to anyone's dog or cat, whether domestic or a captured stray, free of charge in an effort to control the out-of-control pet population.

Parcels of turtles, iguanas seized at Mérida airport

Parcels containing three green iguanas and seven turtles were found and seized at the Mérida International Airport.

Protecting your dog when the heat and rain breed parasites

Parasites proliferate when rainy season arrives and temperatures rise, posing a threat to our animal companions.

Talk of replacing horses has coachmen up in arms

Caleseros, the men who run the city's iconic carriages, are fighting any notion of retiring their horses.

Feeding stray dogs is punished in Papalotla

People who feed stray dogs and do not adopt them are sanctioned with a fine of up to 4,000 pesos or jailed up to 36 hours in Papalotla, Estado de México.

Ban horse-drawn carriages in Mérida, mayoral candidate demands

One of the major-party candidates for mayor is turning the city's iconic horse-drawn carriages into a campaign issue.

Cash shortage means empty food bowls at Evolución, unless donors save...

Evolución volunteers are down to their last centavo, and it doesn't really take a huge donation to fix this.

Protestors want animal sanctuary to replace Mérida’s inadequate city kennels

Animal advocates are asking the city to replace the municipal kennel with a shelter where stray dogs can find sanctuary until they are adopted.

Bengal tiger, kept as pet, sent to zoo after neighbors complain

Authorities have seized two wild animals that were being kept as pets in a private home.

Caged spider monkey found living in restaurant-bar’s kitchen

A spider monkey caged in a Mérida restaurant-bar was rescued by Profepa, said the federal environmental agency.

Good news for the jaguar population in Mexico

Encouraging statistics are coming from the second National Jaguar Census, which will be completed and released later this year.