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In a fertile 2016, 60 new residents at Mérida zoos

In all, 90 new animals representing 24 different species were born or hatched at El Centenario and the Animaya zoos.

Pregnant cat rescued after 4 hours of drama

In the heart of Santiago, rescuers work four tension-filled hours to save a pregnant cat trapped between two cement walls.

The Evolución Animal Calendar is out, and it’s sooooo cute!

How much cuteness can you cram into one wall calendar? Here's how much.

Rescued horse recovering, will live at Polo Club

The abused work horse rescued by police in August in the Centro is on the mend, and is now a resident of the Yucatán Polo Club.

Report: Horse rescued from abusive owner

Officers from the Animal Protection Unit of the Municipal Police yesterday morning confiscated a work horse exhibiting signs of abuse.

Pipa and Gorgo, lovestruck hippos at the zoo

In 12 years, a pair of hippos at the Parque Zoológico del Centenario has fathered six or seven pups, but now Mom is being given a break from motherhood.

2 abused horses rescued in Centro

After determining that they were victims of abuse and poor nutrition, the Animal Protection Unit of the Municipal Police seized two horses who being put to use pulling carts.

Police guard ceremony to outlaw cruel festival

It's official, written and signed in ink on paper. Now, is the 100-year tradition of Kots Kaal Pato really a thing of the past?

‘Pony cars’ reclaim Plaza Grande

Years after being displaced by automobiles, horses and buggies are back at the Plaza Grande, awaiting tourists.

Animals to be spared cruel annual tradition

Kots Kaal Pato, a notorious and gruesome annual Yucatecan animal sacrifice in which small animals were beaten to death or decapitated, has been permanently canceled, Humane Society International announced.

Javier steals show at Evolución media event

Evolución A.C., the animal rescue organization, drew a sizeable media crowd at Villa Verde Mérida. And then, a scene-stealer named Javier soon entered the stage.

Circus animals rescued at Xmatkuil

Twenty circus animals were rescued yesterday by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, Profepa, at the Xmatkuil fair grounds outside Merida.

Animaya Zoo welcomes baby giraffe

The Animaya Zoo welcomed a new resident on Tuesday: a a 40-kg, 1.5-meter tall baby giraffe, the second born at the park.

Law against circus animals reportedly ignored

Despite laws banning the practice, the 10 circuses circulating in southeast Mexico continue with shows in which the animals are presented as characters, Sipse reported today.

Animal neutering campaign meets goal

The 2015 canine and feline sterilization campaign achieved its goal of reaching more than 2,000 stray cats and dogs in Merida, Valladolid and Progreso.

Mérida bans circus animals

Mérida this week became the first in the southeast to ban circuses with animals, as well as staged fights with roosters or dogs.
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