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Monte Alban, lofty stronghold of the mighty Zapotec

Established by the Zapotec civilization in the 5th century B.C.E. Monte Alban flourished for 1,500 years until its eventual collapse.

Off the beaten path, the great city of Chacmultún awaits

Many of Chacmultún’s most imposing structures were built atop hills. While this practice is very common in other regions of Mesoamerica, it is very rare in the extremely flat northern Yucatan.

Poxilá is the most impressive Mayan ruin that you’re not allowed...

As anyone who follows this column knows, the breadth and depth of Maya ruins in Yucatán state alone is simply too much for any...

Beyond Cozumel’s beaches are fascinating Mayan ruins to explore

During the late post-classic San Gervasio grew to be one of the Maya’s most important ceremonial centers in the Costa Oriental Region.

An amazing secret west of Mérida: the city’s largest pyramid

Ya'axtal Park in Mérida, Yucatán is one place people regularly pass by. But few have any idea of the archaeological wonders it hides within.

Chen Hó, one of Mérida’s oldest Maya suburbs, sheds new light...

Chen Hó is one of Mérida’s most frequented archaeological sites and is often described as the city’s first suburb. 

Ancient Maya stela uncovered from its resting place at Uxmal

Left undisturbed for an unknown number of years, a Maya stela depicting a god and a goddess was discovered at Uxmal in the Yucatán...

Playa del Carmen has a big secret to tell, and its...

During antiquity, Playa del Carmen was known as Xaman Há, which in the Yucatec-Mayan language, roughly translates as northern waters.

Surrounded by high rises, the ‘ancient Altabrisa’ ruins hide their treasures...

One of the least-known urban archaeological sites is a cluster of Mayan structures located just behind a pair of gleaming luxury condo towers in the Altabrisa neighborhood.

Mixcoac ⁠— bringing order to the cosmos through human sacrifice

In the middle of the concrete jungle that is Mexico City lay the remains of a ceremonial center dedicated to one of Mesoamerica's most unique deities, the mighty Mixcóatl. 

Pisté de Chichén Itzá — From Mayan antiquity to the Caste...

During antiquity, Pisté was a part of Chichén Itzá’s outskirts, stretching out several miles in every direction from the archaeological park that exists today. 

INAH to open 2 more archaeological sites to the public on...

Mexico has announced plans to open two new archaeological sites to the public in Quintana Roo. 

On your way to El Cuyo or Las Coloradas? You can’t...

Though the town is very small, it makes for a worthwhile stop on the way to El Cuyo, the ruins of Kulubá, or Las Coloradas.

The Mystery of Mérida’s Ciudad Maya

Until the early 1980s, the Mayan-themed restaurant and nightclub Ciudad Maya was one of the hottest spots in Mérida.

The best place to experience the autumn equinox is at Dzibilchaltún

The autumn equinox is here, and there's no better place to witness it than Dzibilchaltún.

Kulubá, the grand Maya capital of Yucatán’s east

With strong ties to some of the Peninsula’s most powerful city-states, Kulubá is believed to have ruled northeastern Yucatán with an iron fist.

Why Xcoch is the Puuc Maya’s diamond in the rough

Exploring the rarely visited Mayan city of Xoch in the Puuc Valley.

Acatitlán: The Mexica-Aztec city of the mighty war god

The exquisitely preserved ruins of the ancient city of Acatitlán are just a short drive from Mexico City. 

New comic book chronicles the fall of the Aztec Empire

A new line of comics titled "Aztec Empire” brings to the page in stunning color an account of the fall of this great civilization.

How to avoid scams, hazards and getting kicked out at Chichén...

Avoid scammers and crowds at Chichén Itzá with our 10 essential tips.

The ancient Mayan ‘rainbow city’ of Ch’el still guards its secrets

View of group E, taken from the top of Sinunchen / Ch’el’s pyramid. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht / Yucatán Magazine

Ancient San Miguelito is Cancún’s unknown Mayan wonder

Tucked between five-star resorts along Cancún’s hotel zone sits the remains of the prehispanic settlement of San Miguelito.

The grand city of Cholula and its sacred pyramid — the...

Nestled in the central Mexican highlands and surrounded by Mexico's most iconic volcanic chain lay the ancient city of Cholula. 

Tlatelolco: A story of violence, sacrifice, and the birth of modern...

Tlatelolco is fairly unique among archaeological sites in Mexico, as both its ancient and contemporary histories evoke intense feelings.