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El Conde: A Palace Fit for Kings in the Mexica Heartland

The Temple of el Conde is believed to have reached the zenith of its splendor in the 14th Century under the reign of the Tlatoani Tezozóoc

Challenge Yourself to Ascend the Aztec Temple of Drunkenness and Fertility

The Xochimilca people occupied El Tepozteco before being conquered by the Aztec Triple Alliance in 1438 CE.

New Uxmal Temples Will Open to the Public by the End...

It is more likely than not that these new sections will be open to the public by the end of the year, though no official date has been announced. 

The Grand City of Cholula and its Sacred Pyramid — the...

Nestled in the central Mexican highlands and surrounded by Mexico's most iconic volcanic chain lay the ancient city of Cholula. 

Hustle and Bustle Among Ancient Temples in Acanceh

There is no getting away from it, Acanceh is a bit of an odd place — but in a good way.

The hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems along the path of the Tren...

Today, we explore some of the highlights along the first three of the six train routes of the Tren Maya.

Death, art, and rebirth in the Maya imagination

Like everywhere else, the ancient Maya thought a lot about death — a fact well documented through their art.

Jaguars, sacrifice, and power in the virtually unknown ancient city of...

The centuries have not been kind to Acaquilpan, yet its wonders shine through.

The story of dogs in Mesoamerica as pets, guardians, and even...

Archaeological and iconographical sources make it clear that just like today, even in the distant Mesoamerican past, dogs were mankind's best friend. 

Climate change and dangers to Yucatán’s cultural heritage

According to a recent NASA report, even conservative estimates project the globe should expect a sea level rise with averages of 25 to 30 centimeters, or nine to 11 inches, by 2050. 

Mayapán: The last great Maya seat of power in ancient Yucatán

In the 12 century Mayapán became the seat of a confederation of city-states known as Luub Mayapán or the League of Mayapán.

Remembering ‘Don Beto’ Gómez Rodriguez and his remarkable life

The renowned historian and tour guide José Humberto Gómez Rodriguez passed away from undisclosed causes. He was 87. 

Join us Friday, Oct. 6 to experience Chichén Viejo

For now, Chichén Viejo is still tranquil and free of hoards of tourists and vendors. 

Archaeologists discover Maya tomb on the grounds of hotel near Palenque

A team of archaeologists has announced the discovery of the tomb of a member of Palenque’s elite on the grounds of a hotel. 

Chichén Viejo will make you fall in love with Chichén Itzá...

Walking through Chichén Viejo's arch, the splendor and scope of the site begins to come into focus

Nearly forgotten, charming Yalsihón awaits adventurous travelers

The tiny community of Yalsihón feels as far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life as possible in Yucatán. 

The mysterious meaning and origins of the Chaac Mool

The Chaac Mool is one of the most enduring and well-known icons of México’s ancient past.

Chichén Viejo was supposed to be open to the public by...

The newly restored section of Chichén Itzá runs along roughly a half mile through a recently created path. And apparently, it’s still off-limits.

A ‘place of ancient temples’ awaits near the heart of Cuernavaca

Meaning “the place of ancient temples” in the Nahuatl language, Teopanzolco was a major urban area during the late Classic and early Postclassic periods.

New section of Chichén Itzá to open to the public 

A previously off-limits area of Chichén Itzá is about to open to the public for the very first time.

Chichén Itzá adds new feather to its cap as one of...

Chichén Itzá has been declared one of the 10 most famous and Instagrammable heritage sites worldwide.

Nohoch Caucel: the 2,800-year-old Maya megalopolis hiding in Mérida’s northwest

Nohoch Caucel covers an area larger than Valladolid, Yucatán’s second-largest city.

Marvel at the great Oxkintok and the mystery of its labyrinth

Evidence of several large structures several kilometers away from the core of Oxkintok can be seen off the side of the road on the highway to Campeche. 

Temporary exhibit brings the wonders of Palenque to Mérida

Keep in mind is that the Palenque exhibit is entirely in Spanish, so the use of a smartphone translation tool, or hiring a guide may be a good idea.  
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