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Ek Balam: The City of the Black Jaguar

Explore Ek Balam for its famous Acropolis' elaborate stucco reliefs, which are some of the most striking and well-preserved examples of artwork in all of Mesoamerica.

Why is Ancient San Miguelito Cancún’s Obscure Maya Wonder?

Tucked between five-star resorts along Cancún’s hotel zone sits the remains of the prehispanic settlement of San Miguelito.

The Top 8 Archaeological Sites Near Oaxaca City

The mountains and plains surrounding Oaxaca de Juárez are jam-packed with archaeological sites. Here are eight of our favorites.

The Fight to Save Teotihuacán

This week we visit Teotihuacán, a massive classical-era archaeological site 50 miles northeast of Mexico City. But Teotihuacán is famous for than just its...

Why Uxmal is Yucatán’s Underrated Gem

Think of Uxmal as the Athens to Chichén Itzá’s Sparta, though this is a useful yet great oversimplification.

Durango’s Enigmatic La Ferrería is Mesoamerica’s Northernmost Archaeological Site

Part of what makes Mesoamerican archaeology so spectacular is its vast scope. Whether we are talking about architecture, climate, or geology — this amazing...

A Very Different Palm Sunday Among The Ruins of Ancient Aké

On Easter Sunday, among the ancient ruins of Aké, The Virgin of Aké was carefully taken from her altar to join the procession in her honor.

Ritual Cave Paintings in Yucatán Pose New Questions

The discovery of a likely ritual site within a cave in Yucatán is giving the archaeological community something to think about.

Dzibilchaltún to Remain Closed for Spring Equinox

Due to ongoing archaeological work at the site, Dzibilchaltún will not be admiting visitors for the spring exquinox.

Yaxuná: The Rise and Fall of the Maya Turquoise City

The archaeological site of Yaxuná, sometimes also spelled Yaxunah, is one of the most fascinating in the entire peninsula, but you are unlikely to find it in any guidebooks

Xtampak, the enigmatic capital of the Chenes region

Santa Rosa Xtampak was first settled by Mayan peoples sometime in the early 4th century BCE. These early settlers likely came from city-states already established at the far southern end of what today is Campeche and Northern Guatemala

New Museum in Chichén Itzá Promises to Dazzle Visitors

The museum covers nearly 30,000 square feet and is equipped with a visitor's center and state-of-the-art museography, which includes exhibits and headphones for virtual guided visits.

A Guide to Exploring the Maya Puuc Region in 2024

After years of restoration, the Puuc region is looking more glorious than ever.

CDMX’s National Museum of Anthropology is Among the Best in the...

Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology houses some of the country's largest and most impressive exhibits in the entire country.

Fire Extinguished Near Ancient Temples at Dzoyilá

A fire at the archaeological site Dzoyilá burned aside dry grass and weeds that covered Maya temples that had become overgrown with brush. Contained in...

Getting to Belize’s ‘El Caracol’ is not easy or cheap, but...

Caracol is a large ancient Mayan city located in Belize's Cayo District and just a few kilometers from the Guatemalan border.

This Is Why So Many Maya Ruins In Mexico Are Unreachable

Mexico is officially home to 187 Prehispanic archaeological sites, but not all of them are truly open to the public.

Explore Mérida’s Archaeological Treasures With Yucatán Magazine

Ichcanzijó (Ancient downtown Mérida) is believed to have been founded in the 5th Century BCE, but the remains of other settlements date more than a millennia further back in time.

Uaxactún, The Lofty Maya City Born of Heaven

Given its location between Tikal and Calakmul, it's no surprise that Uaxactún played a major role in the centuries-long “Star Wars” conflict between these two great powers.

Several of Yucatán’s Archaeological Sites Lack Toilets, Electricity For Now

If you plan to explore Yucatán's Puuc region in the near term, better bring along some toilet paper.

Video: Beyond the Templo Mayor: Archaeology in the CDMX Metro Area

In this video presentation hosted at the Mérida English Library, our editor covers the archaeology of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area beyond the tourist hotspots.

Off the Beaten Path, the Great City of Chacmultún Awaits

In the southern Puuc, the ruins of Chacmultún await for travelers to discover nearly 2000 years of history.

Join Us to Explore the Lesser-Visited Treasures of the Puuc

The focus of this expedition is to discover the wonders of some lesser-visited Maya Puuc sites, including seldom visited Chacmultún in the municipality of Tekax, as well as Labná and Sayil.

2023’s Most Amazing Archaeological Discoveries in Mexico’s Maya World

2023 was an extraordinary year when it came to archaeology in Mexico’s Maya world
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