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Chichén Itzá hikes entrance fee yet again

This most recent entrance fee hike is already the second increase this year, bringing the total to 571 pesos, or 27 USD.

Auction of ancient Mesoamerican artifacts in Paris outrages Mexicans

Controversy grows as two auction houses in Paris prepare to sell 50 pieces of Mesoamerican art.

The famed Olmec capital of La Venta, more than just giant...

When one hears the word “Olmec” the first image to come to mind is that of colossal stone heads shrouded by the...

Joya de Cerén — The Pompeii of the Americas

The volcano which stood less than one mile from Joya de Cerén, sent huge amounts of debris flying through the air. It ultimately buried the village under four to eight meters (13 to 26 feet) of ash and rock. 

Exploring Tazumal and Casa Blanca in western El Salvador

Though part of the Mayan world, archaeological sites in El Salvador have largely remained unvisited by all but the most avid adventurers. But this tiny country boasts several interesting sites full of unique features and blends of cultural traditions. 

Celebrating Archaeology Monday’s first anniversary

Exactly one year ago we at Yucatán Magazine published the first in what would become a series of archaeology articles called Archaeology Monday. 

Archaeology meets paleontology in Lol-Tún — the enigmatic flower-stone cave

Lol-Tún is a cave and archaeological site located in the municipality of Oxkutzcab, in Yucatán's south.

China unveils ice replica of Chichén Itzá’s famous Kukuklcán Pyramid

Artists in China have created a replica of the Pyramid of Kukulcán made entirely out of ice.

Kabah opens its gates to tourists after almost 2 years

After 19 months of being closed to the public over concerns of COVID-19 infections, the archaeological site of Kabah is now open to visitors. 

The awe-inspiring beauty of Xunantunich and its lush jungle

Archaeological evidence suggests that Xunantunich was the capital of the Belize Valley, an extremely fertile area for agriculture thanks to the quality of its land and the abundant water of the Mopan River. 

The stunning pre-classical ancient city of Altun Há

The ancient city of Altun Há was once one of the most important Mayan cities in Northern Belize. Today it’s among the most visited attractions in this tiny Central American country, especially by cruisegoers arriving at Belize city's nearby port.

The rise and fall of the ancient city of Oxtankah in...

In its heyday, Oxtankah was among the most prosperous centers in the region and the largest city in the Bay of Chetumal.

The beautiful and enigmatic Chacchobén 

Chacchobén is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, surrounded by spectacular lakes and lagoons, including the nearby lagoon of seven colors in Bacalar.

Locals worry about indefinite closure at Cobá archaeological site

The archaeological site of Cobá, one of the most popular in the country, will be closed indefinitely for maintenance. 

New archaeological discoveries uncovered near Izamal

A handful of the structures found at X’baatún are reported to be comparable in size to several temples in nearby Izamal....

A return to glory for the once forgotten Maya city of...

If you are reading this, chances are that at one point or another you have dreamed of the “romantic life” of an...

Cacaxtla and the mystery of its spectacular Maya murals

The Cacaxtla-Xochitécatl archaeological site is one of the most interesting and unique in all of Mexico. Aside from its massive structures and breathtakingly beautiful vistas, this ancient city in Central Mexico boasts a rather out-of-place feature — Maya murals. 

Teotihuacán, the enigmatic city at the center of the universe

The grandeur of Teotihuacán is hard to overstate. It is easy to understand why their cultural descendants, the famed Aztecs, thought the great city lay at the center of the universe itself.

Copán, the great dynastic Macaw capital of the eastern Maya

Copán is also one of Honduras's most important tourist attractions and one of its few restored archaeological sites.

Dzibilchaltún is set to reopen after nearly 6 months

Dzibilchaltún is set to reopen to the public on Thursday, according to a press release by CULTUR. 

Chichén Itzá bounces back in a big way in 2021

Chichén Itzá has already become Mexico’s most visited archaeological site of 2021. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Caracol, Belize’s ancient jungle metropolis, is worth the effort 

Caracol is a large ancient Mayan city located in Belize's Cayo District and just a few kilometers from the Guatemalan border.

Dzibilchaltún resolves conflict with locals, set to open once again

Dzibilchaltún is set to open to the public once again after the lifting of a four-month blockade.

Tikal, the storied Petén capital of the classical Maya

The ancient city of Tikal is widely considered to be one of the most impressive in all of Mesoamerica. Its importance in the development of classical Maya culture is hard to overstate.