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Temporary exhibit brings the wonders of Palenque to Mérida

Keep in mind is that the Palenque exhibit is entirely in Spanish, so the use of a smartphone translation tool, or hiring a guide may be a good idea.  

Everything you need to know about Yucatán’s upcoming solar eclipse

On Saturday, Oct. 14, after almost 30 years, a solar eclipse will be visible from the Yucatán Peninsula.  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon...

The magic of Campeche’s Ruta de Los Chenes

Inspired by the idea of La Ruta Puuc, we present our very own archaeological circuit in the state of Campeche. We call it La Ruta de Los Chenes.

Dzilam, a once-mighty stronghold, is nearly beyond recognition today

Just before the conquest, the archaeological remains in the community of Dzilam González belonged to a large kingdom with its capital in Izamal.

The allure and mystery of the ancient Zapotec city of Dainzú

Established in the 7th century BCE, Dainzú was, along with San José del Mogote, already going strong for centuries by the time of the founding of Monte Albán. 

Ancient Cholul ruins have haunted haciendas and pizza chains for neighbors

Among the modern amenities of “modern Cholul” lay the remains of a bygone age when the Maya of Ichcanzijó ruled the land.

Mulchic — a glimpse into Maya Warfare in the Puuc Valley

Built in the 5th century, Mulchic is widely believed to have served as a strategic military settlement on the sacbé connecting Uxmal to Kabah and Santa Elena.

New lootings of Maya archaeology, with suspects in high places

The whereabouts of the looted stones are yet to be established, but INAH said it will not stop until they have been found.

Yagul mesmerizes with more than 4,000 years of history

Though we will likely never know what these first settlers called the site over 4000 years ago, its Zapotec name Yagul roughly translates to “old tree.”

Ancient Mayan city, Ocomtun, found hidden in Calakmul jungle

The remains of an ancient Mayan city with large pyramid-like buildings, a ball court, stone columns, three plazas with "imposing buildings," and other structures...

What you need to know about video mapping shows at Chichén...

There is no question that Yucatán's video mapping shows are cool, but are they worth the steep cost?

New drone photos of Xiol strike quite the contrast

Vegetation and wildlife have made their way back to Xiol after a couple of years

The obscure caves of Aktún Usil dare adventurous souls

The cave system and archaeological site Aktún Usil are seldom explored by all but the most adventurous visitors to the Yucatán. 

From pre-history to the modern day, the ‘Aztec shield’ never ceases...

The name of this Chilmahuacán translates as the place of the shields, a fact which is reflected by the many stone-carved shields found at the site and its surroundings. 

At Kaax, wonders await, just off the free road to Cancún

The remains of grand Maya temples and cities can be found all over Yucatán, even inconspicuously “just sitting there” on the side of highways.

Archaeology in the Riviera Maya and beyond

Today we continue making our way down the Riviera Maya to discover archaeological gems along this dazzling coast.

The Dresden Codex, the great Maya book of the stars

The Dresden Codex is a Mayan book believed to be the oldest surviving book written in the Americas, dating to the 11th or 12th century.

Despite its grandeur, the ancient city of Acozac eludes travelers

Acozac was first investigated by the INAH in the 1970s during an urban expansion project and the construction of a golf club.

Let’s talk about that ‘Mayan scoreboard’ found at Chichén Itzá

Much of what you've read is wrong. Here is what you should know about this amazing find.

Archaeology in Cancún and the Mayan Riviera

For travelers, the Yucatán Peninsula is synonymous with pristine beaches and a vibrant culture that traces its roots back thousands of years.  Every year millions...

Archaeological site ‘for sale’ goes viral in Yucatán

The property (including the ruins) is listed for 18 million pesos or roughly one million USD.

Video: Exploring the Maya world in Teobert Maler’s footsteps

A new book wraps up photographer William Frej's 45-year-long project.

Video: ‘Uncovered’ Episode 5, A conversation with Pete of Ancient Americas

On Episode 5 of “Uncovered,” we dive in to the history and archaeology of Mesoamerica and beyond with Pete of the Ancient Americas YouTube channel.

Exploring the ‘hidden’ Maya archaeology of eastern Mérida

Few cities in Mexico can compete with Mérida for the sheer amount of archaeological remains.  Many of the grand pyramids and temples that once stood...
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