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Looters target Yucatán cenotes in hopes of finding ancient treasure

The sacking of archaeological has become a serious issue, especially in the sparsely populated south of Yucatán.

El Rey: Archaeology in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone

When visiting El Rey, it is impossible not to notice the towering hotels of Cancun’s hotel zone visible just above the tree line.

Indigenous groups call for a stop to the Mayan Train and...

Indigenous leaders have suggested that the Mayan Train’s 170 billion peso budget be allocated to build hospitals and provide essential services for people living in poverty across the region.

The prosperous and beautiful Mayan city of Tulum

Tulum became an important trade hub for goods from across Mesoamerica, as it had easy access to well-established trade routes across both land and sea.

Chichén Itzá and Kabah to get new on-site museums

Part of the resources for these projects will come from a fund associated with the development of the Maya Train project.

Cobá, from tiny outpost to the Maya crossroads of commerce

During the late classical era, the city became an important trading hub, as several roads or sacbé converged in its territory.

New closure for Uxmal archaeological site

Authorities have not said how long the popular attraction will remain closed but indicated that they would investigate the confirmed cases and sanitize the entire facilities before reopening.

Palenque, the magnificent realm of King Pakal the Great

A view of the Temple of Inscriptions and Palace in Palenque Chiapas. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Tourist survives being swallowed by a sinkhole in Aké

The woman, identified as María O, says that she had been walking around the perimeter of the site when all of a sudden she was shoulder deep in thick clay like mud.

A new power rises in the mountains, the mighty Toniná

In the Maya Tzeltal language, Toniná means house of stone, however, the original name of the city found in ancient texts appears as Po or Popo.

Ancient monuments in Teotihuacan endangered by illegal construction

Illegal settlements have been a problem in much of the region for decades.

Tulum ruins open again, but with more restrictions on visitors

As of this week, admittance will be capped at 3 thousand visitors a day, and groups will be limited to 10 people.

The majesty of the great Bonampak and its mesmerizing frescoes

After Bonampak was rediscovered in 1948, archaeologists made a staggering find. During their excavations, they stumbled across a structure with three chambers containing exquisitely preserved frescoes featuring scenes of war, festivities, political intrigue, and myth.

Yaxchilán, the beautiful and mighty Usumacinta capital of the Maya

In the lush Lacandon jungle, visitors are likely to encounter a wide range of wild animals including toucans, tapirs, and if you are lucky even macaws.

New closure of Tulum archaeological site worries business owners

While most tourists obey face mask regulations, others simply ignore them. Photo: Courtesy The archaeological site in Tulum...

Comalcalco, the oddball of the Maya world

Archaeology Monday provides historical background, photos and practical information about these ancient marvels and how to get out and enjoy them for yourself. This week we travel far afield to western Tabasco to explore the unique ancient city of Comalcalco.

Cutting-edge laser technology used to uncover treasure in Yucatán jungle

LiDAR technology allows archaeologists to study and document the internal structure of ruined constructions without having to dig. Photo: Carlos Rosado...

Paraíso: One of Yucatán’s best-kept archaeological secrets

Because of its remote location, most in Yucatán have never even heard of Paraíso — let alone visited.

Church in Temozón gets a much-needed restoration after powerful storm

Before and after images of San Agustín Church in Temozón. Photo: Courtesy Reconstruction of San Agustín Church in...

Journey into the wonderous Kohunlich and its exotic jungle

If you hear howls coming from the nearby jungle, don't be alarmed. The howler monkeys that inhabit the jungle are very peaceful.

Edzná, the great second city of the Itzá

The Five-Story Temple in Edzná, Campeche. Photo: Luis Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Edzná is a large archaeological...

Strike may force Chichén Itzá to shut down again

Chichén Itzá is Yucatán's most visited archaeological site by far. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Workers at...

Off the beaten path, the great city of Chacmultún

The red soil and stone give Chacmultún its name. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht The ancient city...

Ancient artifacts recovered by police from illegal online vendors

Yucatán state police officers handed over the recovered artifacts to INAH authorities. Photo: Courtesy Mexico's National Institute of...