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Equinox ‘serpent’ at Kukulkan debunked at archaeology conference

Some experts suggest that we've misunderstood the "feathered serpent" illusion all along — or at least over the last several decades.

At Mayapán, 2,000 unexplored structures and 100 cenotes detected

INAH has found unexplored 19 pre-Hispanic sites containing a combined 2,000 structures buried underground at Mayapán.

Historic highs for Yucatán’s tourism sector so far this year

For the first half of this year, Yucatán's tourism sector reports historic highs.

Cenotes displace Mayan ruins as most popular tourist spots

The natural attractions of Yucatán, particularly its cenotes, have become the state's top attractions these days.

Street pavers unearth Mayan artifacts under busy street corner

Street paving was halted when city workers found what appear to be archaeological remains in the Centro.

In historic pink hotel, a much older archaeological find

While renovations creep along at the old Hotel Mérida, a Mayan relic it once displayed will be loaned to the Palacio Cantón for an exhibit.

Serious damage discovered at Dzibilchaltún site

Cracks, fissures and even some detached elements are signs of wear after countless years of exposure to both the elements and to tourists.

Mayan observatory even more ingenious than we thought

The ancient Maya were even more sophisticated in their star-gazing that we have previously thought.

Where did Maya come from? A new theory

An anthropologist has found evidence that challenges established theories about the Maya civilization's connection with the Olmec culture. The truth may be more complicated than researchers thought.

Digging for secrets of Maya gardeners

For the ancient Maya farmers, the shallow soil of the limestone-laden peninsula presented a challenge. The existence of rejolladas made crops possible. That's what Kate Leonard, a young Canadian archaeologist, discovered in April.