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El Pinar: Colonial pink mystery on Calle 60

After being seemingly abandoned for some time, its 2020 for-sale announcement reawakened curiosity for the building.

Uayma is an architectural gem in Yucatán’s east

The town is well known for its beautifully adorned 17th-century church but is not frequented by many tourists.

Casa Mango — Award-winning rental home in the heart of Mérida

Located in Mérida’s Centro, Casa Mango is a modern, minimalist, and artsy home in the heart of the city, and a Yucatecan getaway for its many guests. 

Villa Arrebol: Home for a Mexico City family in love with...

In the upper corner of the city, a retirement home for a Mexico City family is in its final stages. The owners came looking for serenity and comfort — a home that felt just as if they were on vacation.

Elán Project: Young creatives take on Yucatecan design

Andrea and Ana Cristina met during college and have recently joined forces in Elán- their Architecture and furniture design studio.

Arkilätt: Enlightened architecture in Mérida

For a year and a half, Arkilätt has been designing, remodeling, and building in Mérida, Yucatán. Their emphasis is in restoration, and lighting design.

La Casa en el Árbol — A playground for grown-ups

"La Casa en el Árbol"– House in a tree, sits at the heart of Yaxkukul, a municipality in the interior of Yucatán. It is a retreat house for the owner, whose family lived for many years on those very grounds. The project draws inspiration from a “solar”, a traditional country Mayan house.

Cobalto es Azul: Documenting Mérida’s unique architecture

Cobalto es Azul is a Social Media project headed by Pedro Castro, a young architect focused on documenting Mérida's unique architecture.

Merida ‘Lake House’ has sharp angles, rare view

Casa del Lago, a detached house in a real estate development in Merida, was recently featured in a prominent architecture site.

Palacio de la Música wins national award for architecture

Reyes Ríos + Larrain Arquitectos set a precedent for urban projects, Obras editor writes.

Red-tinted chukum brings contrasts to white, modern home in Merida

Merida, Mexico — A sleek residence by Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos contrasts clean white with red-hued chukum stucco in...

Merida earns 2 spots on top-10 list of Mexican architecture

Two examples of great architecture in Merida have made Dezeen's Top 10 Mexican projects list for 2018.

Local architect wins international award for multifamily home in Mérida’s north

Mérida architect Arturo Carillo Ponce took home an international award for a multi-family project built on a triangular lot in the city's north.

Modern Music Palace is a showcase for its historic neighbors in...

Allowing never-before-seen views of some of the Centro's most revered historic treasures, the Music Palace is unabashedly modern. 

Architecture firm’s bold new headquarters offsets greenery with pink

Mérida architecture firm TACO has designed the Portico Palmeto studio to act as its headquarters, with pink walls and tall shutters that open up to its tropical setting.

Say goodbye to the ice rink at Liverpool mall

The expansion at the Liverpool Galerías Mérida will sacrifice its ice rink, putting more conventional features, according to a website that tracks the city's building projects.

Dramatic, high-tech touch for Galerías mall expansion

A fanciful flying mast with skylights will crown an expansion at Liverpool's mall this fall.

Keeping a colonial renovation on budget

Two Mérida expats share their experience, and some good tips, for remodeling a colonial property.

Noted: A modern pavilion at Montes Molina

Hailed by architecture critics, a modern colonnade's 36 slender minimalist columns contrasts strikingly with the neoclassical beauty of the La Quinta Montes Molina Pavilion.

7 more Showcase showstoppers coming

The Showcase of Homes kicks off Mérida's high season once again as hundreds of people criss-cross the Centro to tour seven private abodes that represent the best in architecture and décor.

An iconic home reimagined in Xcalak

A Mérida architect has drawn inspiration from an iconic modernist home for a new project off Xcalak Reef, near the southern tip of Quintana Roo.

Architect Ponce leads local nominees

The XXIV CEMEX Building Award judges have revealed their favored architectural projects of the year, and a Yucatán architect is at the top of the list.

Trova cultural center will be all new

The state legislative building has been an odd duck among historic gems. In its place, the Plaza de la Trova cultural center will fit in with its neighbors.

Cantón renovation: A surprise in the attic

Restoration work at the Palacio Cantón has uncovered graffiti that represents a window into life in the 1940s, when the building was a school.