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Art show celebrates the Centro

The heritage of the Centro Histórico is celebrated with an exhibit at UNAM's Santa Lucia campus on Calle 60.

Workshop painters exhibit their art at Posada Toledo

Oils, acrylics and drawings — all the fruits of an artists' workshop — will be on public view starting 8 p.m. Friday at the Galería Posada Toledo.

Five days of painting for a one-day art gallery

A group of watercolor painters will be painting together around Mérida for the next five days, and sell their works on Saturday.

Mother-daughter exhibit speaks for abused girls

The exhibit Silent Prey opens Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the City Museum of Mérida with a silent auction to benefit Fundación BAI.

Art up the stairs

Adrián Bastarachea puts the finishing touches on his mural at at Galeria Eskalera in Mérida. The artist's show opens with a reception on Friday.

MéridaFest borrows treasures from “The Prophet”

A Salma Hayek-produced animated film happens to coincide with an exhibit at the Olimpo celebrating Kahlil Gabran.

Birds lead the way to Cúpula debut

Those mysterious stenciled birds have now revealed their purpose. They have been teasing the formation of the Centro Cultural la Cúpula, which debuts to the public on Thursday, Dec. 16.

“La Vida Profunda”: James Brown collection arrives

The exhibition "La Vida Profunda" brings more than fifty selected works of artist James HD Brown to Fundación de Artistas.

Art brings together U.S., Cuban consuls

When the consuls of both Cuba and the U.S. met at a private art opening at SoHo Galleries in Mérida, it was an international occasion of historic proportions.

Mérida debut for Cuban artists at SoHo

Our mind is on Cuba these days. This year has seen a Cuban-infused Maya festival, a visit from Raul Castro, and now a collective exhibition of Cuban Artists at the SoHo Galleries in Santa Ana.

Eskalera celebrates water’s calming ‘voice’

The way that water flows, moves and responds to light and shadow inspired Markéta Loman Vogelová's first solo show in Mérida, at Galería La Eskalera.

Contemporary art show reflects ‘Tropicality’

"Tropicality, Power and Transformation," a retrospective of artists Hugo Gonzalez (Ugggo) and Igor Solis, is on display until Oct. 10 at the Fundación de Artistas, Calle 55 between 62 and 64.

A night for the art galleries

Mercado de Arte, La Pantera Negra, Calle Estampa and Galería Mérida are participating today in the Noche de Galerías program.

Final week for photo show on the Paseo

This is the final week to enjoy photos from school F2 Estación Visual, along the Paseo de Montejo at Calle 39, in front of the Municipal Archive.

European exhibit set for local painter

The acclaimed painter Benjamín Ramírez Cervantes is headed to Malaga, Spain, where 22 of his works will be in an exhibit for three months.

Oaxacan artist brightens UNAM gallery

A colorful new exhibit is an opportunity to explore an often overlooked university gallery on Calle 60 in the historic district.

Juan Pablo Bavio’s soulful airport exhibit

Argentine painter Juan Pablo Bavio presents a 12-piece exhibit, "Wrinkles of the Soul," which will be exhibited for a month at the Mérida airport.

Inside Fundación de Artistas’ dream world

A creative group saw potential in an old casona in Santa Lucia and ran with it. We spoke to Indira Londoño, director of the fledgling gallery that emerged.

#citylikeMID: Mérida from all angles

Smartphones in hand, several creative people collaborate on a single online art project that depicts Mérida as broodingly beautiful and vaguely unsettling.

Fundación de Artistas inaugurates gallery

The Fundación de Artistas, or Artists Foundation, will open a new gallery space to the public Wednesday with an exhibition featuring artist Marcela Diaz.

Following Merida’s traveling museum

Art lovers travel from gallery to gallery to catch current exhibits, but sometimes, it's the art that's traveling.

At Cancún’s underwater museum, whimsy or recklessness?

A New York City artist known as Olek is in hot water for tampering with one of Cancún's underwater sculptures.

Joy of reading is topic of airport art show

A student art exhibit at the Merida International Airport met a challenge posed by the Yucatan International Reading Fair.