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La Cupula exhibit tour with artist Samantha Michell

Artist Samantha Michell leads an intimate tour of her show, "Perniciem," in English and in Spanish, at La Cupula.

Sentirnos Vivas: Art show at Lagala

Sentirnos Vivas, or Feel Alive, highlights the work of three artists.

Friends and family rally for heart attack victim facing huge hospital...

A GoFundMe page gets him halfway there; artists donate work for fundraiser to raise even more money for an American facing huge medical bills.

Famous artist’s mural remains buried at Yucatan art school

The mural space belongs to all students, ESAY leader says; others feel an important mural is being suppressed

Grasping Mexico’s beautiful and bewildering street art

These are images that I could never imagine to find in the Netherlands, let alone in Dutch restaurants.

Mosaic at Mariachi festival sets Guinness world record

At the Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi, a Guinness record was set for something other than music.

This rare, enduring blue was invented by the Maya

Pigments developed by early Maya made some of the Americas' great Baroque paintings possible, and have allowed their colors to endure for centuries.

Ricardo Martínez de Hoyos’ late-career paintings exhibited at Casa Montejo

Bringing together 19 works created in the last decades his life, "Ricardo Martínez and the Human Figure" is now on view at the Museo Casa Montejo.

‘Mérida in 5 Days’ artists to sell a week’s work at...

A group of up to 12 watercolor artists will gather for a week of plein air painting in various locations.

At SoHo Galleries, ‘Art with Heart’ benefits kids in shelters

The gallery teams up with Yucatán Giving Outreach to help its Art with Heart Program expand to more shelters.

ArtLINK Fest at Local 59

Art festival comes to the Santiago neighborhood.

Mural replaces graffiti on city street corner

The muralist Alonso "Tozko" Maza, director of the Karme Korp gallery in Santa Lucia, has gone several blocks to the south to create his latest work.

Artistic umbrellas above the Pasaje de la Revolución

An urban art initiative has brightened the walkway between the Cathedral and the Macay museum with 850 opened, upright umbrellas suspended from above. 

Five days of painting for a one-day art gallery

A group of watercolor painters will be painting together around Mérida for the next five days, and sell their works on Saturday.

Mother-daughter exhibit speaks for abused girls

The exhibit Silent Prey opens Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the City Museum of Mérida with a silent auction to benefit Fundación BAI.

Fundraiser art show for artist Hortensia Bueno

A special art exhibit at SoHo Galleries will benefit one of their artists, who is battling cancer.
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