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La Cupula exhibit tour with artist Samantha Michell

Artist Samantha Michell leads an intimate tour of her show, "Perniciem," in English and in Spanish, at La Cupula.

Cross-cultural perspectives at Amaro art show

Art that represents both Mérida and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean is focus of "The Eclectic Caimito," which opens today at El Foro Cultural Amaro.

Pedro Tec’s dreamlike photo exhibit heads to U.S.

Pedro Tec's exhibit of Mayan portraits is migrating north of the border.

Artists on the Paseo

Artists set up shop every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the east side of the Paseo de Montejo.

Famous artist’s mural remains buried at Yucatan art school

The mural space belongs to all students, ESAY leader says; others feel an important mural is being suppressed

MEL Artist Studio Tour 2019

The Merida English Library's annual artist studio tour now has a two-day format on Feb. 16 and 17. The self-guided tour allows a glimpse...

MEL Artist Studio Tour has gotten so big, it needs 2...

This year there are 40 artists in 32 studios. Sculptors, painters, printmakers, photographers and more are represented on the tour.

Loteria gets a millennial makeover

The card game Lotería, sometimes described as Mexican bingo, has been played by generations of Latino children....

‘Mérida in 5 Days’ watercolor artists to meet for 20th year

A dozen watercolor artists will gather for a week of plein air painting in various locations.

Architectural Digest celebrates artist’s ‘vibrant dream house’ in Mérida

Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo and his colorful Centro home are featured in Architectural Digest, one of the most respected shelter magazines in the U.S. 

Ricardo Martínez de Hoyos’ late-career paintings exhibited at Casa Montejo

Bringing together 19 works created in the last decades his life, "Ricardo Martínez and the Human Figure" is now on view at the Museo Casa Montejo.

Spencer Tunick finds artistic inspiration in sargassum

The New York artist Spencer Tunick, who is known for his large-scale nude portraits, returned to Mexico. This time, his inspiration was the sargassum in Tulum. 

Andrea Pasos, ‘Transfiguraciones: A Través del Inconsciente’

Andrea Pasos' exhibition, "Transfiguration: Through the Unconscious" in English, opens at La Galería La Eskalera 8 p.m. Friday, July 20. Pasos began her studies in drawing...

Remembering Fernando García Ponce 31 years after his death

On the 31st anniversary of his untimely death, we remember Fernando García Ponce, after whom Mérida's Macay Museum was named.

Mérida artist Francisco Barajas explains the chaos on his canvases

"As the picture progresses, it asks you what color to add, what else to do, until you lose control. The work flows by itself," the Mérida artist says.

An explosion of color from a Yucatecan artist at 80

True to his style, the painter Gabriel Ramírez Aznar will present 27 abstract acrylics at the Fernando García Ponce-MACAY museum starting Friday, May 25.

La Plancha artists look at the ‘Aesthetics of Tourism’

A look at tourism from the standpoint of culture, art and aesthetics will guide a colloquium organized by the Higher School of Arts of Yucatán at La Plancha.

Gallery promotes young artists with special one-night sale

Young artists are holding a gallery sale Saturday night at an alternative space called Punto Rojo.

Artist Studio Tour 2018

A self-guided tour featuring 35 artists in 28 studios in Mérida Centro.

‘Mérida in 5 Days’ artists to sell a week’s work at...

A group of up to 12 watercolor artists will gather for a week of plein air painting in various locations.

Mural replaces graffiti on city street corner

The muralist Alonso "Tozko" Maza, director of the Karme Korp gallery in Santa Lucia, has gone several blocks to the south to create his latest work.

City allocates funds to local artists following dustup over pop star...

Local artists shared a 3 million peso fund today after winning the 2017 Call for Culture and Development.

McClatchie Andrews murder case presented to 3-judge panel

Oral arguments have begun against a driver accused of killing a well-known Canadian expat more than a year ago.

Artist Viviana Hinojosa renders a world of whimsical animals

In her art studio, Viviana Hinojosa enjoys the company of her seven cats while she paints whimsical portraits of their natural enemies: birds.