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Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants awards gala moves to Mérida

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 returns in November with a new home — Mérida. The awards gala, the first full gathering of Latin America’s gastronomic...

Cochinita pibil named 2021 ‘best dish’ by Taste Atlas

Yucatán's famed cochinita pibil has been named the top dish in the world for 2021 by the website Taste Atlas.

‘Queen’ of cochinita awarded the Jaguar del Turismo award

Míriam Peraza Rivero, also known as the “Queen” of cochinita was awarded the Jaguar del Turismo gastronomic award by Mexico's Tourism Association.  The award was...

Hennessy’s on Global Awards shortlist for Pub of the Year

Merida, Yucatan — Hennessy's Irish Pub has been shortlisted for Pub of the Year in the Americas as well as three other categories. The Irish Hospitality...

Hennessy’s finalist as Best Irish Pub in the Americas

Calling it a "good start to the week," Hennessy's announced being shortlisted in seven categories, including Best Irish Pub in the Americas.

For Rosas & Xocolate, Mexico’s highest honor

Rosas & Xocolate, the pink boutique hotel that drove a high-end trend on the Paseo de Montejo nearly 10 years ago, is getting a national honor today.

Food & Travel readers send trophies to Ku’uk, Xixim

When the Food & Travel awards were handed out last week in Mexico City, many of the winners took them home to the Peninsula.

Readers nominate Yucatán 5 times in Food and Travel poll

The region is competing again to be the "Best Destination of Mexico" and hopes for a three-peat as "Best Gourmet Destination." 

Mérida voted best gourmet destination for 2nd time

Once again, Mérida beat out Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca in a readers' poll for the best gourmet destination in Mexico.

Mérida named Latin America’s convention capital

The business magazine Convenciones de Latinoamérica has named Mérida the 2016 best destination for conventions and workshops.

Mérida named best gourmet destination

Mérida was called Mexico's Best Gourmet Destination and Rosas & Xocolate in the capital, and Xixim Hotel in Celestún were named best urban hotel, and best ecotourism hotel, respectively.

‘Oscar’ goes to the Mundo Maya museum

Mérida's Gran Museo del Mundo Maya took the top prize as Best Emerging Cultural Destination of the Year in its region.
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