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Beach erosion now creeping in on 100% of Yucatán beach homes

"We need a new set of standards to address the problem, as honestly efforts so far have not only been unsuccessful but have actually made the problem worse," said Pedro Castro Borges, of the CInsvestav research institute.

Barriers on the beach to fight erosion may be doing more...

Residents living on the beach in Telchac complain that barriers are redirecting the flow of the tide, and have resulted in an almost complete loss of beachfront for up to 40 homes.

Progreso renovation respects the classic lines of a mid-century home

One block off the Gulf, but still close enough to catch the breezes — and the sand — Casa Mareto was built in 1950 and was owned by the same family until now.

Once luxurious homes in Campeche being used as drug dens

Many homes on Campeche's coast lay abandoned. Photo: Courtesy Beach homes in Campeche’s Playa Palmeras are being robbed,...

2021 Progreso Home Tour is in its final days, but impact...

Area school children are ready to learn thanks in large part to the Progreso Apoyo Program, which is raising money with...

Progreso Apoyo Home Tour adapts to the times

https://youtu.be/4E3X0cLVAls A charity beach house tour has gone high tech and online to keep participants safe from...

Erosion shrinks beaches, threatens homes

At kilometer 32 along the Chicxulub-Telchac Puerto highway, some 15 meters of beach have been lost to erosion, which now threatens several summer properties.

Sold: Brand new stilt homes in San Benito

Imagine an upscale, modern beachfront home in San Benito, built on stilts! This brand new home has been constructed up to code, with all permits in place!