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El Cuyo Is Changing In a Hurry, Whether We Like It...

Tourism has brought a fair deal of prosperity to El Cuyo, but economics aside, locals really should be lauded for pressuring authorities to prevent the construction of highrises that would threaten what makes the beach and community special. 

Powerful Hurricane-Level Winds Slam into Yucatán Peninsula

Powerful gusts of winds up to 75 miles per hour slammed into the Yucatán Peninsula on Monday,

The hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems along the path of the Tren...

Today, we explore some of the highlights along the first three of the six train routes of the Tren Maya.

Climate change and dangers to Yucatán’s cultural heritage

According to a recent NASA report, even conservative estimates project the globe should expect a sea level rise with averages of 25 to 30 centimeters, or nine to 11 inches, by 2050. 

Isla Columpios makes for the perfect easy day trip from Mérida

Unlike most mangroves in Yucatán, the water in the area now known as Isla Columpios is crystal clear and dotted with several small islands and sandbanks perfect for exploring via motor boat or kayak.

Sierra Papacal is as delicate as it is stunningly beautiful

What truly makes Sierra Papacal stand out are its gorgeous wetlands which provide water and shelter to hundreds of species of plants and animals.

Fearing tourist trap, Sisal residents fight new beachfront project

Locals warn that if something is not done the very existence of their community is at stake.

Tulum considers rehabilitating its image as ‘just a party town’

Large drug-fuelled parties and a sense of anything goes have created an atmosphere that even several investors are starting to worry about. 

16 swimmers attacked, possibly by sting rays, in Progreso

The specifics of the attacks are vague, but most are thought to have involved interactions with string rays in Progreso’s shallow waters. 

Does Yucatán’s red tide mean seafood isn’t safe to eat?

Red tides have been detected along the coasts of Yucatán this past weekend in Telchac, Chicxulub, and San Crisanto.

A guide to eating and drinking at the beach in Yucatán

From fancy restaurants to street vendors and from the sweet to the savory and spicy, eating at the beach in Yucatán something for everyone.

‘Red tide’ detected 7 miles off Yucatán coast

Scientists confirmed the presence of a red tide seven miles off Ría Lagartos.

Ask a Yucateca: Which beach is best?

Unsure about how best to connect with your new friends and neighbors in Yucatán? Confused about the culture? Ask a Yucateca is a new column written by Yesica Benitez, a local resident, and our marketing director.

Photos of a ‘red tide’ in Yucatán were actually taken in...

Images of Yucatán's coastline supposedly showing the arrival of a "red tide" have been debunked by specialists who say the photographs are actually taken in Florida.

Kiteboarding takes Yucatán’s coast by storm

With 378 kilometers of coastline stretching from Celestún to El Cuyo, there is more than room enough for everyone to do their own thing.

Beach communities across Yucatán brace for an influx of tourists

Coastal communities across Yucatán are preparing for their first true Easter Holiday season since 2019.

Long weekend draws huge crowds to beaches across the Yucatán

kend, and spring break is likely to have all contributed to the above-average size of the crowds.

Sea turtles in Yucatán are hatching late. An expert explains.

Marine Biologist, Jesús Manuel Cuevas Medina answers our questions about the health of Yucatán’s sea turtle population and how we can help.

What to do if you find baby sea turtles on the...

Most people realize that it is not a good idea to disturb nesting or baby turtles, but what should we do if one appears to be in peril or distress?

New residents in Yucatán flock to the beach

The real-estate market on Yucatán’s coastline continues to heat up as a growing number of people from across the country and the world continue to buy up properties.

What is behind the growing number of dolphins washing up on...

Wildlife authorities and biologists are showing concern over an increase in the number of beached dolphins found on Yucatán’s beaches.  Over the weekend, four deceased...

Scientists warn of a potential environmental disaster on Yucatán beaches

Record-breaking amounts of sargassum could soon reach the Peninsula, scientists said at a Mérida conference. 

Should Yucatán develop its very own Cancún-like hotel zone?

Tourism developers suggest developing a three-mile-long hotel zone along Yucatán's coast.

Dolphin found beached on the shore of San Crisanto

Video of the rescue was captured by one of the fishermen who can be heard speaking to the dolphin and reassuring it with gentle gestures..
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