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Sargassum, bane of Yucatán’s beaches, could be useful on the farm

Sargassum, a nutrient-rich algae which commonly washes up on Yucatán Peninsula's beaches, may serve as an environmentally friendly fertilizer alternative.

153 sea turtle eggs rescued from busy Progreso beach

Rescuers recovered 153 hawksbill eggs that nested on a beach much too busy for baby sea turtles.

Gulf waters in good condition as health authorities monitor for ‘red...

Yucatán's beaches are ready for Easter-week vacationers as health authorities test the Gulf waters for algae that causes a repellent "red tide."

Help for eroding beaches will have to wait for next administration

Shrinking beaches have put 1,300 properties in danger, but Yucatán's beach rescue program is out of money, said a state official.

Erosion shrinks beaches, threatens homes

At kilometer 32 along the Chicxulub-Telchac Puerto highway, some 15 meters of beach have been lost to erosion, which now threatens several summer properties.

Mérida and Progreso combine efforts to lure more tourists

Mérida lacks beaches, and Progreso has them. Now, the two cities are collaborating to promote tourism between both municipalities.

Investors in Chuburná plan luxury entertainment project

A group of Yucatecan entrepreneurs is looking to build a luxury destination here for cruise ship passengers looking for a new excursion.

Banner day for visitors, merchants at the beach

An estimated 30,000 local, national and international tourists descended on Progreso's malecon on Sunday, lured by beautiful weather.

Nesting sea turtles to face Easter-week crowds

Sea turtle nesting and Easter week coincides this year, which is worrying to anyone concerned about the fragile sea turtle population.

Fishermen blame oil rigs for whale death

Biologists and biology students will perform an autopsy on the fin whale found in Progreso, but fishermen who found it have their own theory.

Stranded whale towed ashore

Apparently for the first time in Yucatán's recorded history, a huge whale more than 5 meters long washed ashore in Progreso.
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