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For the love of beer, the story of Thodes and Yucatán’s...

New breweries ranging from midsize companies to “mom and pop” operations that seem to be springing up all over.

5 microbrews to help you beat the heat in Yucatán

After a surprisingly positive experience tasting several microbrews on the market in Yucatán, I decided to give it yet another go and taste even more local beers. 

Don’t miss out on the Top 5 craft beers made in...

Having had nearly 2 decades to mature and grow into their own, artisanal brewers in Yucatán are now preparing some truly delicious and unique beers. 

Modelo will make its 6-pack rings with barley and wood

Mexican beer brands are ditching the nasty plastic six-pack rings. Corona introduced packaging made of barley straw and recycled wood fibers in 2021. In January,...

Beyond Corona: Learn to pair Mexico’s favorite beers with food

At the end of the day we all like what we like. But for those interested in expanding their horizons we present part one of our very own beer pairing guide..

Corona to open new branded flagship store in Cancún

Cervesa Corona has announced the opening of its first flagship store or Corona Shop.  The store will be located in Mexico's second most busy airport,...

Beer production resumes at Yucatan’s Modelo facility

After 45 days in shutdown, Grupo Modelo's Yucatan beer plant and its sister cervecerias across Mexico are gradually reopening. The plants are equipped with modern...

A sudden, statewide ban on alcohol is announced in Yucatan

With little warning, a 20-day alcohol ban for the entire state began today in Yucatan. The "ley seca" will last until April 30, according to...

Some shoppers hoarding beer, just in case Merida announces ‘ley seca’

Merida, Yucatan — The dreaded dry law, or "ley seca," has some shoppers hoarding beer and other alcoholic beverages, photos on social media indicate. Although the...

Beer Fest and 25 brewers return to Hacienda Chenkú

For the third consecutive year, Hacienda Chenkú will host the most important craft beer show in the southeast.

Chamber calls for end to law limiting liquor stores

Laws mandating a 200-meter distance between liquor stores are being challenged by the local Chamber of Commerce.

City asked to be more strict with alcohol vendors

City officials on Monday were asked to halt the approval of more beer-and-liquor outlets.

Yucatán’s tradition of brewing beer returns, as does the President

After a public ceremony and three private events, Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto on Monday concluded his tour of Yucatán.

President to tour Yucatán, open brewery, on Monday

President Enrique Peña Nieto arrives Monday to fulfill a promise he made almost two years ago: inaugurate the new Yucatecan Brewery.

New brewery will ship Yucatecan beer to Africa

The new, high-tech Grupo Modelo brewery will be officially inaugurated in about two weeks. The ceremony will include President Enrique Peña Nieto.
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