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Know your critters: A guide to insects and creatures in Yucatán

In Yucatán, bugs are abundant, varied, and a tad frightening. Yet they are not all dangerous and are sometimes even desirable house guests.

Honey production in Yucatán reaches a new low

Climate change, deforestation, and the use of toxic pesticides are likely to blame for the phenomena of honey bee colony collapse....

‘Bee Lady’ from Campeche scores victory on Monsanto

Leydy Pech Martín Leydy Pech, a 55-year-old apiculturist from Campeche, has won a historic legal victory against corporate...

500 queen bees delivered to struggling honey producers in Yucatan

Queen bees are delivered to village cultivators after a storm wiped away half the bee population. Photo: Courtesy

Drought causes half of all bees to ‘flee’ from their hives

Yucatan honey producers are in serious trouble. Photo: Sipse archive Due to Yucatan's historic drought and high temperatures,...

Beekeepers in Tizimín prepare to sue after pesticides wipe out hives

Beekeepers in the Yohactun Hidaglo neighborhood are gathering court evidence after a mass die-off in their hives.

Beekeepers in Yucatan face growing crises as boom years fade from...

One beekeeper has opened up her hives for public tours. Photo: Facebook / Abeja Planet Yucatecan beekeepers are...

New queen bees from Italy arrive in Yucatan, boosting exports to...

Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal visited the Centro de Producción de Abejas Reinas in Tizimín, one of 14 new state-supported queen bee production centers that will be established in the state.

Chemicals killed 10 million bees in Yucatan last year — report

Collective calls for protections on World Bee Day plea to save pollinators from extinction.

Bee die-off in its 10th day after farmer sprays pesticide

Ten days after a farmer sprayed his habanero crop with fipronil pesticide, bees are still dying, and within a growing radius.

Farmer admits accidentally killing millions of bees after spraying his crops

Authorities are investigating the long-term impact of a "toxic cloud" that killed at least 15 million bees, putting at risk next year's honey harvest.

Honey production, sacred to the Mayas, moves from forests to urban...

Biologist Gretel Castillo, who is among the beekeepers keeping the ancient tradition alive, said that it is fortunate that young people in cities show a growing interest in the craft.

Bees, irritated by brush fires, attack supermarket shoppers

Agitated bees attacked numerous supermarket customers at Chedraui Caucel, where at least two customers were sent to a hospital.

How Mexico fights the war against fake honey products

Demand for honey, one of Yucatán's better-known exports, has grown as fraudulent producers undercut legitimate beekeeping operations.

Knitters present monumental ‘honeycomb’ on behalf of bees

A collective of knitters exhibits their massive art project, and will discuss both the plight of the bees, and how yarn has intersected with activism.

Learn about the bees of Xkopek

Only 10 blocks south of downtown Valladolid, the local English Library offers a visit to the fascinating world of Melipona bees at Xkopek.

Yucatán honey production decline linked to drought, climate change

Despite the fact that Yucatán continues to be the main honey producer in the country, its production has been decreasing year by year.

Maya slash-and-burn farming surprisingly good for bees

An ancient Maya farming practice that would seem to be destructive is actually beneficial to the bee population, reports Science Daily.