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Cilcloturixes argue that ‘life is better on a bike’

Cicloturixes have played a vital role in getting new government mobility programs off the ground, including the city's nearly 50 miles of bike lanes as well as improved infrastructure for pedestrians.

Cyclists complain that new bike paths are unsafe

The president of the Cicloturixes bicycle advocacy group said that more than 70 kilometers / 44 miles of the new bike paths are unsafe. Everardo...

The Yucatán state government publishes new traffic rules for cyclists

A new set of rules outlining the rights and obligations of cyclists in Yucatán has been published online.  According to state authorities, the new rules...

Bike rights: New rules strip safety requirements for cyclists

Yucatán's new transit rules have done away with requirements such as equipping bicycles with front-facing lights.  The new ordinance also no longer demands that cyclists...

Tourism official sues when parking spots at his hotel vanish

Jorge Carrillo Sáenz, president of the Yucatan Tourism Business Council (Cetur) and the Paseo de Montejo Foundation, filed a protective order with the court...

Laborers happily correct engineer’s mistakes on Mérida’s new bicycle lanes

Planters separating Mérida’s new bicycle lanes from the road were built 20 centimeters or almost eight inches too wide, according to city workers. In an...

New fines for bike-lane abuses to come into effect

Drivers and motorcyclists who drive, park or block Mérida's new bicycle lanes can soon expect to be fined. State authorities have said that the fines...
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