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Best Spots for Birding This Winter In and Around Mérida

Birdwatching is enjoyed by millions of people across the world, and there are few places better to engage in this relaxing activity than the Yucatán Peninsula.

Vergel’s Aquaparque, Mérida’s very own urban oasis

Mérida is a great city to call home, but even those of us who love it the most sometimes get bogged down by things like traffic and the city's constant hustle and bustle. 

Yucatán’s amazing birds and where to find them

Several days of heavy rain have brought out our feathered friends in force, so get out there and enjoy them!

Cenote Suytun beckons lovers of nature and social media alike

All about the magnificent Suytun Centoe on the outskirts of Valladolid.

Tour Yucatán: Join us for 5 exciting days full of natural...

We have decided that the time is right to launch our very first Yucatán Magazine tour.

Finding Eden and new animal friends in Sisal’s lush ecosystems

Though Sisal is known mainly for its gorgeous beaches, its coastline and surrounding mangroves are home to an extremely wide array of wildlife and landscapes. 

Shorebirds in the Yucatán: endangered travelers

18% of the total bird population in Yucatán is in danger of extinction as a result of habitat loss, the introduction of invasive and predatory species, overfishing, and the climate crisis.

Amazing birds of Yucatán, from the adorable to the thieves

Here is the fifth installment of our field guide to the region's feathered friends.

Yet more amazing birds in Yucatán, from red-winged blackbirds to macaws

Birding can be a great activity to help fight stress, as it encourages serval of the same practices as meditation.

More amazing birds in Yucatán, from pheasants to the American robin’s...

This week we kick things off with one of Yucatán’s most emblematic species, the great curassow or hocofaisán.

The amazing birds of Yucatán’s lush jungle habitats

This week we kick things off with a species you are not likely to see every day unless of course, you live deep in the jungle.

The amazing birds of Yucatán

The Yucatan peninsula is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful and exuberants birds, 565 of them to be exact.

Angry locals want to know: Who is responsible for killing a...

A woman in Tizimín has denounced the senseless killing of a Keel-billed toucan. Mauris Febles posted allegations on Facebook that unidentified men purposefully attacked and...

Killer of wild toucan is identified; watch groups to protect birds...

A citizen's group identified a Dzityá bird trapper as the man who shot a rare toucan that was flying freely in a west Merida...

Killing of a beloved wild toucan enrages neighborhood

The killing of Tuqui, a toucan that became a celebrity in the Francisco de Montejo neighborhood, caused an uproar on social networks. Commenters demand...

Pigeons at Plaza Grande are dying since people stopped coming to...

Merida, Yucatan — Dead pigeons are being found at city's main park, apparently unable to live without the people who used to feed them. Parks...

Of every 10 parrots captured in Yucatan, 8 die in illegal...

In Yucatan, 400 songbirds are captured daily to be sold as pets. From there, their lives are in peril, and the wildlife they are stolen...

Merida English Library lecture series: Barbara MacKinnon de Montes

The MEL weekly lecture series continues with Barbara MacKinnon de Montes. 

Yucatán bids farewell to migrating hummingbirds, songbirds

The spring migration has begun. Say bye-bye to some of our hummingbirds until they make a reverse trip in the fall.

Tho festival promotes birdwatching in the Puuc Reserve

Inspired by the Tho's plumage, the Yucatán Bird Festival named for the state bird is about to begin its 17th edition. 

Rare new species of parrot found in the Yucatán

About 30 species of vibrantly colored Amazon parrots soar through the skies of Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. A discovery on the Yucatán Peninsula may bring one more species to that count.

Avian advocate MacKinnon honored

Barbara MacKinnon's decades of work educating the public about the birds of Yucatán will be recognized at Siglo XXI tomorrow.

Peninsula’s role in bird migration at risk

Scientists need to analyze how climate change will impact Yucatán's key role as a stopover for thousands of migratory birds, a local researcher warned.

Lots of birds, not enough birdwatchers

Costa Rica take in billions of dollars attracting birdwatchers. But what about the Yucatán Peninsula, where more than a billion birds pass through during migration?
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