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Launch party for ‘My Days’

"My Days" sales benefit two animal organizations, No Mas Perritos and AFAD. A launch party and signing (or...

FILEY book fair to be held entirely online

The 2019 edition of the FILEY book fair attracted tens of thousands of readers to the event held in the Siglo...

The Merida English Library cookbook is ready to be served

The Merida English Library Community Cookbook is the result of teamwork. Photo: Yucatan Magazine Over 150 recipes have...

Open just 16 days before the lockdown, Between the Lines stays...

Between the Lines had barely gotten started when it was swept up in a global pandemic that shut down the...

Drag queen promotes diversity at children’s story hour in the Centro

A U.S.-born movement to promote diversity comes to Merida.

‘Why We Left’: Expat book encourages women to move to Mexico

The "Anthology of American Women Expats" collects testimony from 27 women "who made the move and couldn’t be happier."

Interview: Meet the chef who rescued David Sterling’s posthumously published ‘Mercados’

The epic book, “Mercados," Chef David Sterling's posthumous followup to 2013's also-exhaustive “Yucatán” cookbook/travelogue, couldn't have been completed without the efforts of his colleague, Chef Mario Canul.

An Izamal market stall recipe: ‘Empanaditas’ de San Jose

These crispy “empanadas” with vegetarian toppings aren't what they seem. Photo: Mercados / University of Texas Press David...

David Sterling’s final opus is out, and it’s as epic as...

'Mercados' explores all of Mexico and shares vivid images, enticing recipes

5 books for expats who need to adjust

Struggling to adjust to a new climate and culture? This international career and expat coach feels your pain.

Reexamining the Bracero program, when Mexican workers were recruited to the...

A former columnist for the Mazatlán Messenger has written  "The Gringo Guide to Mexico," in two volumes.

Grant Spradling answers one of life’s oldest questions

At 89, writer Grant Spradling has the meaning of life figured out. The former pastor, bartender, Broadway singer, vagabond, and child of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl years says, “The purpose of life is to live.”

Book Club MeetUp: ‘Small Great Things’

Monthly meet up to discuss book of the month: "Small Great Things."

Combining science and art, new book explores Yucatán’s native palm trees

After more than 20 years of research, a retired biologist has released a vividly illustrated book devoted to Yucatán's palm trees.

Historical novel set in Yucatán explores class system that outlives the...

Francisco Martin Moreno's new novel is set in Yucatán's golden age, and its protagonist is the son of a large henequen producer who discovers the brutal working conditions in his father’s hacienda.

Special guest at ‘Reading Tuesday’

The last Tuesday of the month is a time for Mérida's community of writers to meet and mingle.

A gringo guide to the lingo of Yucatán

The “Spanish Language Primer & Living Tips Resource for Yucatan” is a comprehensive quick-reference guide that will help make day-to-day communication and travel easier for the non-Spanish speaker.

Preview of Reyes Ríos + Larraín’s new book

A preview of "Reyes Ríos + Larraín: Lugar, Materia y Pertenencia," a much-anticipated book by the famous Mérida architect Salvador Reyes Ríos and Josefina Larraín.

Diego Luna in Mérida to discuss satire about corruption

"Rogue One" star Diego Luna comes to the UADY campus today to discuss a book that made waves across the country last year.

Grant Spradling is preparing next book, with beach as his muse

The increasing impact of novelists, poets and memoirists on the Mérida social scene has made author Grant Spradling happy he reconsidered moving away a decade ago.

Coloring book is a walk on Mexico’s gentle side

The pair behind the travel blog Wandertooth have published an adult coloring book depicting the vibrant streets and landscapes of Mexico, Mérida included.

Diana Kennedy’s classic Mexican cookbook reissued 30 years later

The 93-year-old expat cookbook author has reissued "Nothing Fancy," with some updates that reflect years of living in Mexico.

FILEY: Juan Villoro accepts literature prize

Mexican writer Juan Villoro praised the political value of art “amid the horror” and impunity in Mexico while accepting the 2016 Jose Emilio Pacheco Excellence in Letters Prize at FILEY, the 5th Yucatan International Book Fair.

Book preview: Design inspiration from Mérida and beyond

Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter's next book focuses on cutting-edge residential design on the Yucatán Peninsula. Here is an excerpt.