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Bus Tickets To and From Mérida in Extreme Demand

Scores of travelers looking to travel to or from Mérida are discovering at bus stations that their desired seats have been sold out.

Mérida’s New Electric Bus-Tram Hybrid Hits the Road

The electric Ie-Tram is now connecting La Plancha with the Tren Maya Station in Teya.

Mérida New Va y Ven Transit Network is a Huge Step...

Getting to and from work aside means that it's now easy to get around town and not worry about having a couple of drinks and having to pay for what seems to be an ever-worsening and more expensive taxi or ride-sharing service. 

For Yucatán’s public transit, the biggest overhaul in 25 years

More routes and improved comfort and payment systems are part of Yucatán's mass transit plans following the purchase of 350 new buses. In what's being...

Yucatán approves financing for electric ‘trams’ but questions remain

The budget for these electric buses, constructed in the style of European trams, has now been approved to the tune of 735 million pesos — roughly 36.3 million USD.

Another bus catches fire in Mérida, raising safety concerns

A short circuit in the electrical systems of a passenger bus has been blamed for yet another fire on Mérida’s roads. 

Bus travel in high demand over the holidays

If you are planning to travel by bus in Mexico over the holidays, book quickly.

Angry Centro residents block ‘temporary’ bus stops

Residents in downtown Mérida blockaded a section of Calle 55 to prevent busses from loading and unloading passengers directly in front of their homes.

Figuring out the Centro’s new normal

On Monday morning, it took state and federal police, plus squads of green-vested guides, to help commuters navigate the Centro's new normal in Merida. Passengers...

For bus passengers in the Centro, frustration and anger

Confusion will give way to order once the public adjusts to the new Centro, said Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal. "The first month there will...

Plan on hold to fill buses, taxis and Ubers full capacity

Updated: Yucatan government officials have put on hold a plan to allow urban buses to run at full capacity. Some seats are still being...

New bus for Merida health-care heroes only

A free bus route serves Merida's health care workers who don't feel safe on public transportation. Following a spate of attacks from people who associate...

App will tell riders when their bus is coming

A smartphone app, revealing the locating and ETA of the city's buses, is in the works in Merida.

Big changes for bus passengers in Merida

Merida, Yucatan — Tourists on ADO have a fancy new place to catch the bus, while a huge modernized terminal in the south is...

1,200 polluting buses need to be replaced, says state official

But only 200 to 300 are replaced every year, the official admitted.

Fire quickly destroys city bus in the Centro

Passengers escaped a fire that destroyed an entire city bus in the Centro on Friday.

Still no date to remove bus stops from Historic Center

A plan to remove bus stops from the Centro Histórico is still moving forward, but it's moving gradually.

New-generation ADO buses to hit the road in Mérida

The ADO bus company has introduced 10 new bright-red buses to its fleet here.

Heightened security on ADO buses

A prominent bus line has installed more video cameras on buses and terminals as the summer travel season approaches.

State launches new bus system

A state-run bus system begins in January, introducing the Integrated Urban Transport System, or Situr, to commuters in Mérida.
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