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Looser rules for restaurants, alcohol sales to begin Sept. 1

Updated to add that the state government has confirmed the agreement. After five months of economic lockdown, an agreement to allow restaurants to open later...

Bing Bang Kitchen returns with a brand new business model

Merida, Yucatan — A recent report published online stated that upwards to 4,000 businesses in the Yucatan were affected by the current pandemic situation and...

55 businesses suspended for not following contingency regulations

State health inspectors have forced 55 businesses across Yucatan to close after they were found to have ignored coronavirus contingency measures. In the current wave...

As economy stalls, Yucatan Today finds advantages in going digital

We had the pleasure of having a conversation with Andrea Mier y Terán Abbott, director of the iconic "traveler's companion," Yucatan Today, which is...

Yucatan risks losing more than 47,000 companies to the pandemic

The state's precarious economic situation is even worse than many thought, a study by the Yucatan Center for Competitiveness concludes. More than 47,000 Yucatan businesses...

A ‘very scary time’ for expat entrepreneurs in Yucatan

It's hard to imagine what Yucatan will look like as we climb out of this pandemic. For years, especially in the last 10, expats...

Yucatán maintains 1st-place rank in industrial growth

Yucatán continues to be Mexico's most dynamic in a survey tracking industrial growth.

Dress shop ignores shut-down notices after noise complaint

City officials took the unusual step of shutting down a shop over a noise complaint. Or at least they thought they shut it down.

Businesses last longer in Yucatán, compared to neighbors

The average life span of a business in Yucatán is 9.1 years, but only five years in Quintana Roo and 7.4 in Campeche, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Shiny new tower rising on the Prolongación

MID Center will rise along the Prolongación Montejo, towering over the Krispy Kreme donut shop, when construction begins this year.

Yucatán enters Special Economic Zone

A repeated demand of the Yucatecan business sector is at last reality: Yucatán joined the Special Economic Zone.

Opinion: Progress tempered with challenges

A Mexico City business writer visits Progreso for Easter and finds a lot of potential for investors.

A mother’s legacy of tamales in Santa Ana

For over 20 years, Ismael Chan Caamal has been dedicated to selling tamales in the Santa Ana neighborhood. But his business's history goes back even further.

Interview: A fresh take on tropical furniture

Cuau Solis dangled a little chair over Calle 55's sidewalk and Mérida's creative scene hasn't been the same since.

Via Montejo wins environmental approval

The old Yucatan Steel factory site appears little changed since an ambitious mixed-use complex was announced over a year ago, but the developer says the project is still moving ahead.

Mérida hailed as a travel ‘magnet’

Tourism growth in Mérida has been driven by the quality of life, greater air connectivity and educational opportunities, writes El Financiero, which reports on business to a national readership.

Back-to-school shoppers clog streets

About 500,000 students return to school Monday and families are overwhelming the historic center to buy everything a student would need to return class.

Bilingual pharmacy joins busy block

Botica del Barrio is a new pharmacy on the Paseo de Montejo opened by an expat who had foreigners with minimal Spanish-language skills in mind.

Mérida’s turn for LGBT biz expo

Business owners will gather in Mérida next month for the biggest gay and lesbian business conference in Latin America.

Pola Gelato Shop’s world of flavors

The colors and flavors of Santa Lucia got a little creamier when Pola Gelato Shop's four owners opened their doors recently. A Q&A was in order...

Every day, 4 new companies created

In the last 32 months, about 4,000 new companies have been created in the state. that's 125 every month, or four a day, on average.

Alamo buys naming rights to stadium

The Leones de Yucatán baseball team now plays in the re-named Kukulcán Alamo Park thanks to a sponsorship agreement with an American rental car company.

2 more U.S. chains open in Mérida

Elevation Burger and the Hampton Inn are two names familiar to Americans, and testing the waters in Mérida. Both face plenty of competition.

Chamber raffle for Centro shoppers

Shop in the Centro Histórico, win a car. That's the tantalizing possibility with a Chamber of Commerce raffle.