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For the love of beer, the story of Thodes and Yucatán’s...

New breweries ranging from midsize companies to “mom and pop” operations that seem to be springing up all over.

Oxxo prepares to take on Europe in a big way

With over 20,000 locations across the country, it is by far the largest retailer of its type, easily beating international competitors like 7-Eleven and Circle K.

Starbucks forces cafes in Mexico to remove frappuccinos from menus

A law firm representing Starbucks has sent cease and desist letters to cafes across Mexico.

Mérida residents complain about downtown businesses hogging public spaces

Mérida's City Hall says it has removed metallic structures and potted plants designed to close off public spaces for private businesses.

Business in Yucatán back to normal after 2 years of restrictions

As of today — Monday — all businesses in Yucatán can operate at 100% and normalize their opening hours.

Mexico confirms the creation of a state-owned lithium company

During a morning press conference, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that his government would establish a state-owned lithium company.

Citigroup to sell off Banamex, owner of historic Casa de Montejo 

Multinational investment bank Citigroup has announced that it will sell off Banamex.

Massive internet outage continues across much of Mexico

Sometime before 10:30, Tuesday night reports of internet outages began to flow across social media.

Can solar panels help save Yucatán’s ‘tienditas’?

The Yucatán small-business chamber of commerce is offering independent shop owners the opportunity to purchase solar panels through a new program.

A big win for Yucatán, the newest member of the World...

A campaign to further boost the state’s economy has paid off. Yucatán has been granted membership in the elite World Tourism Organization.

Yucatán relaxes more COVID-19 restrictions, despite staying yellow

Yucatán will stay yellow on its COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light for at least one more week.

Santa Ana park to host a free ‘alternative tianguis turìstico’ 

Tour guides in Mérida are preparing to host an alternative "Tianguis Turistico” in Santa Ana.

Mexican hotel chain Grupo Posadas files for bankruptcy in US

The measure comes after a failed attempt by Grupo Posadas to restructure the debt it has accumulated over the past year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yucatán’s tourism industry looks to recover lost ground

Authorities in Yucatán are hoping that Mérida's upcoming Tianguis Turístico will help the battered tourism industry get back on its feet. 

Weekend mobility restrictions in Progreso are now lifted

Two months after state health authorities decided to limit mobility in the coastal community, Progreso’s beach and boardwalk will now be open on weekends once again.
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