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Campeche sees 1st coronavirus death, a 49-year-old male

A 49-year-old man living in Ciudad de Carmen became Campeche state's first COVID-19 fatality, according to the state health secretariat. The unnamed victim had a...

European tourists help drive handicraft sales by 80%

Campeche — Shantal Tun Baeza, an artisan installed in the Parque Principal for the holiday season, said that recent sales rose by up to...

Campeche’s Centro Historico shows signs of strain

Ciudad Campeche, Campeche — The capital's Historic Center, with its colonial homes, public artwork and various restaurants and shops, has had a rough 10...

Mexico’s 2nd-longest bridge opens to traffic in Campeche

Puente de la Unidad in Campeche, the second longest in Mexico and the fifth in Latin America, was inaugurated Monday.

AMLO vows to restore rice production in Campeche

Candelaria, Campeche — Noting that Mexico consumes more of the product than it grows, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador vowed to restore rice production...

Campeche hotels get ready for 1,400 Ironman athletes this weekend

The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels admitted that the tourist trade requires higher quality and better services, but quickly added that "we are not failing at all."

Desperate for health care, Mennonites open their doors to strangers

When some Mennonite children of the Yucatán Peninsula became seriously ill, the tight-knit community opened its doors to strangers for help.

Campeche official clears farm in salmonella outbreak

After finger-pointing from the U.S. a plantation in Mexico has passed inspection and has been certified to continue marketing its crops.

Prince Charles tours sites in Campeche

Prince Charles of Wales, who has been traveling through Mexico, arrived in Campeche yesterday to tour ancient Mayan sites and dance in the Zocalo.
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