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55 years ago an aircraft mysteriously crashed in Yucatán. Now a...

It is uncertain if the adventurers will be able to make it to the crash site, but claim that the expedition is as much about the journey as the destination.

Celestún’s beaches to remain open to the public for Easter

Celestún’s beaches are considered by many as one of Yucatáns best. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Despite...

Yucatan coast wakes up to vivid red skies

Thursday's red dawn on the Gulf Coast was a social media sensation.

Fire consumes 500 acres at Celestun Biosphere Reserve

A huge fire is under control at the Celestun Biosphere Reserve

Flamingos in Celestún are in the pink

To the delight of tour guides there, pink flamingo are thriving at the Celestún Biosphere Reserve.

3 fishermen missing in Gulf after storm approaches

Three fisherman have failed to return home from an expedition after getting caught in Wednesday's storm.

Crocodiles increasingly common in Progreso, Sisal and Celestún

Destruction of natural cienegas has pushed crocodiles into view along the Yucatecan coast.

Miracle in Celestún: 4 fishermen alive after missing 5 days

Cries of joy broke a sky that turned gray and rainy on Friday when good news reached relatives of a missing quartet of fisherman.

4 fishermen missing after storm whips Yucatán

At least four fishermen have been missing since a surprisingly powerful storm hammered the state Thursday afternoon.

Fossil, millions of years old, found in Yucatán cenote

An underwater exploration in a cenote uncovered a coral fossil that is at least five million years old.

Reconstruction begins at Celestún’s tourist center

With an average 1,500 visitors a week, Celestún's tourist center is a major draw — and it's due for some upgrades.

Quicker route to Celestún to be open by March

By as early as March next year, the road journey from Mérida west to Celestún will be as easy as a trip north to the busy expat enclaves that surround Progreso.

All signs point to Celestún

Taking a car from Mérida to the beaches and reserves of Celestún will take just 45 minutes by 2017, newspapers announced today, putting the quaint fishing village on the radar of more people looking for beach-living options.

A luxury condo-hotel in Celestún

The Reserve at Celestún is a Condo Hotel going up north of the town's center.